Life Resource Planning

Life Resource & Retirement Planning System

Helping Two Generations Plan for Their Later Years

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Why Use a Planning Approach?

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How to Use the Planning System

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(PDF) Instructions for Using the Planning System to Generate a Planning Report for your Client

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How can this unique planning approach help me increase sales and expand my business?

I am a financial services practitioner or insurance agent.

The concept of providing planning solutions to help individuals meet their financial or insurance goals is familiar to those of you in the financial services industry. It is common practice to educate potential clients about financial challenges they will face and then offer investment advice, investment strategies or insurance products as a solution. Our approach, is somewhat different from what you might be familiar with.

We suggest that you take a holistic approach to working in the senior market and provide comprehensive guidance to seniors and their families regarding all of the issues that they will face in their later years. The goal is to recognize and fix all identifiable problems before they occur. And the problems or challenges are many. Loss of financial independence is certainly one of them but there are a great number of other issues out there as well. Seniors are faced with a choice of living arrangements, physical challenges, health issues, caregiving issues, legal consequences of aging and dying, property ownership, taxes, inheritance issues, family relationships, debt, death of a partner, reliance on Medicare or Medicaid, potential for veterans benefits and many more issues in their later years.

Those family members assisting their older loved ones are bewildered by the challenges and the choices they have to make. Finding solutions to those challenges involves searching for a host of different providers or products scattered across the community. There is no common source of assistance. Family members of aging seniors are often totally overcome by the effort of trying to uncover help for their loved ones.

This is where you come in with our planning approach. You will ask the appropriate questions through the use of our comprehensive survey questionnaires and you will provide the appropriate advice and referrals to various providers who can solve the problems. As a result of this unique approach, you will have gained the confidence of those seniors and their families with whom you are working. Providing sales of your own products or services will require little effort on your part, because your newly found clients will recognize how your services and products fit into the broader planning picture. You will be respected as a trusted advisor.

With our approach you will be much more successful in growing your business through increased sales. We provide you the proper background training in order to help you find a network of support in the community for the seniors you are helping.

As a result of helping families with their aging loved ones, you will also be able to provide comprehensive retirement solutions to those families of those aging seniors you are assisting. These family members, who are usually the children, are typically age wise in their mid-50s through late 60s. We provide you background information and comprehensive planning tools to work with these individuals as well. Our life resource planning and retirement planning system allows you to serve two generations. You will significantly increase your prospects for more business by taking advantage of this 2 for 1 marketing opportunity – providing solutions for aging seniors and for their children.