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We promote and support planning for long term care. The links below will direct you to sites we believe are useful and informational eldercare resources. Our Guide to Long Term Care Planning also covers many eldercare and long term care planning topics.

All aging people, regardless of current health, should have a long term care plan. This includes (1) A knowledge of eldercare issues (2) Preparation and proper funding, and (3) Using long term care professionals. Failure to effectively plan for long term care can lead to the greatest crisis an older person will ever face.

About Caregiving
About Long Term Care

Assistive Devices and Modifications
1. American Institue of Architects
2. Assistive Devices
3. Assistive Technology For Help With Disabilities
4. National Resource Center on Supportive Housing Home Modifications
5. Solutions for Life Beyond 55
6. Enabling Devices
7. Aids in Daily Living
8. The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)
9. Disability Products

Caregiving Strategies And Advice
1. Adaptive Environment Center... (Consultants for adapting environments for the disabled)
2. Aging Parents and Elder Care... (comprehensive resource for family caregivers)
3. Caregiver Network... (Links and bulletin board for caregivers)
4. Direct Care Alliance... (Advocate for care providers)
5. Elder Tips
6. Family Caregiver Alliance
7. LifeChanges (get help with the challenges of aging)
8. Help Guide
9. Eldercare ABC Blog
11. Dr. Linda Rhodes Caregiving
12. Grandtimes... (Caregiving Support Strategies)

Determining Need and Support For Care
1. About Caregiving
2. About Long Term Care
3. The Information Source
4. USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program
5. Emeritus Senior Living

Support and Services
1. Aging Parents and Elder Care... (comprehensive resource for family caregivers)
2. Employee Assistance - Support for the Seasons of Life
3. Caregiving for Seniors and Aging Parents
4. CareGiverMall Support for Senior Care
5. Del Mar Caregiver Resource Center
6. Empowering Caregivers... (Articles, newsletter, advice, consultation and more)
7. National Family Caregivers Association
8. Transitions Elder Care Consulting... (How to of elder caregiving)
9. Seniors Resource Guide
10. VeriCare... (Quality services for older adults)