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We promote and support planning for long term care. The links below will direct you to sites we believe are useful and informational eldercare resources. Our Guide to Long Term Care Planning also covers many eldercare and long term care planning topics.

All aging people, regardless of current health, should have a long term care plan. This includes (1) A knowledge of eldercare issues (2) Preparation and proper funding, and (3) Using long term care professionals. Failure to effectively plan for long term care can lead to the greatest crisis an older person will ever face.

1. NCPC's How to Deal with 21 Critical Issues Facing Aging Seniors
2. NCPC's How to Apply for Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits for Senior Veterans & Their Survivors
3. Protecting Family Assets from Nursing Home Costs: Medicaid Secrets
4. NCPC's Caregiver Handbook
5. NCPC's Guide to Long Term Care Planning
6. "Communication for the Cognizant, Nonverbal Patient" Communication Book
7. "A Consumer's Disability Insurance Guide"
8. "Caregiver's Sourcebook", Resources For Aging, Inc.
9. "Don't Put Me in a Nursing Home" by Claude Amarnick
10. "A Field Guide For Families: How to Assist Your Older Loved Ones..." by Jane Yousey
11. "Estate Planning Basics" by Denis Clifford
12. "Fundamentals of Employee Benefit Programs"
13. "Gerontology and Geriatric Care Management" by Nancy Wexler
14. "Learning From Hannah" by William H. Thomas
15. "Long Term Care Planning" Guide by Phyllis Shelton
16. "Long Term Care...A Shopper's Guide" from NAIC
17. "Outline of Long-Term Care" by Robyn Stone
18. "Standing the Watch: Memories of a Home Death" by Rebecca Brown
19. "Surviving The Sandwich Years" by Dennis and Ruth Gibson
20. "The 36 Hour Day" by Nancy Mace & Peter Rabins
21. "The Complete Care Plan Manual For Long-Term Care" by Connie March
22. "The Complete Eldercare Planner" by Joy Loverde
23. "The Complete Estate Planning Guide" by Kathleen Adams
24. "The Fourteen Friends Guide to Eldercaring"
25. "The Heart of Long-Term Care" by Rosalie Kane
26. "Tuesdays With Morrie" by Mitch Albom
27. "Where Coverage Ends -- Catastrophic Illness and Long-Term Health Care Costs"
28. Caregiver Network
29. ElderCare Bookstore