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We promote and support planning for long term care. The links below will direct you to sites we believe are useful and informational eldercare resources. Our Guide to Long Term Care Planning also covers many eldercare and long term care planning topics.

All aging people, regardless of current health, should have a long term care plan. This includes (1) A knowledge of eldercare issues (2) Preparation and proper funding, and (3) Using long term care professionals. Failure to effectively plan for long term care can lead to the greatest crisis an older person will ever face.

1. AARP Legislative Issues
2. CapWeb ...(On-line advocacy)
3. Fednet ...(Comprehensive source of what's happening in the capital)
4. House of Representatives
5. Senate Committee on Aging
6. Thomas - Library of Congress
7. National Conference of State Legislatures ...long term care reform
8. Elder Law Prof Blog