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We average over 40,000 unique visits each month from families across the nation who are searching for resources to aid their aging loved ones. We invite ALL professionals (individuals, businesses, and care providers) who serve seniors to list their services on our site. Membership in the NCPC includes an advertising listing(s) on our site, a unique sales (web) page, access to our member section, optional use of our Life Resource & Retirement Planning System, and more...

SecureOPTION 1: Starting at $8.00 / month (read more)

Registration includes a one time, non-refundable, $45.00 set up fee. Additional listings can be added for $1.00/mth. There are no contracts / enrollment periods.

SecureOPTION 2: Starting at $15.00 / month (read more)

Registration includes a one time, non-refundable, $45.00 set up fee. Additional listings can be added. There are no contracts / enrollment periods. In order to join a State Council, you must be a member of the NCPC. The monthly fee of $15.00 is the minimum amount that pays for both memberships.

9 Ways You Will Prosper from Being a Member

1. Get valuable internet exposure on our popular website (500,000 unique visitors a year who are seeking assistance for aging seniors). This includes free updates to your listing(s) and personal sales page as well as monthly statistical reporting to monitor your listing(s),

2. Receive coaching and back office support as you use our marketing tools,

3. Become a member of your state care planning council to provide additional Internet listing exposure in a different format to a different market segment,

4. Receive free marketing support in the form of free brochures, special listings, special Internet arrangements, and much more,

5. Have discounted access to 2 powerful marketing and sales systems which will help you expand your reach to new clients or customers that your competitors are unable to access,

6. Purchase at a discount, valuable training materials and books to give you expertise that others in your area of endeavor do not have,

7. Have access to free ghostwritten articles that you can use for your blogs, your websites, your email campaigns, to place in local publications or for any other similar purpose,

8. Use the NCPC logo and promote yourself as a member on your website, on brochures and any other place where it might benefit your standing in the community,

9. Form a local elder planning council in your area to open new doors for your services that you could not open in any other way.

- Thomas Day, Founder and Director