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We are the Atlanta Metro area preferred and authorized agent for Life Care Funding! An option for anyone with an existing Life policy needing assistance with daily living.

Life Care funding is a MEDICAID approved & state encouraged option converting an EXISTING Life Insurance policy into a payout for Long term Care. Instead of letting a policy lapse, or lose its payout due to MEDICAID estate recovery, or discover too late it is a cause of MEDICAID disqualification.

Why not convert the policy to pay towards private pay in assisted living, for certified home care, or in some cases home modifications.! Don't throw away the benefits of a Life Insurance policy, because you can't afford the premiums, or "think' you'll just lose the benefit to Medicaid!

Avoid surrendering the policy back to the insurance company for a fraction of its value! There is no cost for the conversion, and premiums on the policy no longer need to be paid. Any excess benefit reverts to the estate! We'll handle it locally for you!

VA Improved Pension/Aid & Attendance Counseling, VA Accredited Advocacy, A Veteran helping Veterans.

The 2016 Rate paid to a veteran in Assisted Living is $1,788 per month, A married Veteran couple is eligible for $2,120 per month. A surviving spouse; $1,149.  There are very confusing and misleading guidelines, for successful ‘approval. The VA cannot offer financial advice. Applying without guidance is often frustrating and most often leads to long delays, and due to misunderstandings; denials!Asset limits are a common misunderstanding!

Don't be that family that mistakenly does not apply because they are led to believe they have "too much money"! Assets need to be preserved for future and more costly care, to provide the best quality of care as long as possible. We provide private office informationals!

Also contrary to some popular belief the VA does not cover Veteran funeral expense, see our facts on the Funeral trust.

Generational Wealth Transfer & an alternative to conventional LTC policies

Families may set aside ‘bottom drawer money', (money they don't intend to spend), for upcoming generations, they intend to pass it on to their children, or those of siblings, to charities, or in trust for special needs persons.  In contrast to saving money in a tin can, or merely buying ‘pay on death CD's'. or just noting in the will; there is an option to immediately increase that dollar value of pass on funds dramatically.

A specialty designed single premium life policy offers a guaranteed return of principle to the owner, provides a long term care benefit to the insured, and substantially increases the dollar amount being passed on as a tax free benefit.

If situations change down the road, the owner can get ALL their money back!, yet in the meantime had these protections at no cost! If left to grow cash values increase.

The dollars are protected from attachment, lawsuit, divorce, creditors, can be owned by a trust or have co-owners. They may also establish valid Medicaid asset transfer dates, (useful in estate planning regarding Medicaid (DRA 2005), Look Back.

A very attractive feature is that it eliminates a dilemma of conventional LTC Long term Care policies: ‘USE IT OR LOSE IT' ! 2% of the face value; {Not the initial premium invested}, (per month) can be used to pay any long term care needs for up to 4 years! Additionally these policies are much easier to obtain than conventional LTC, which is becoming more expensive by the day!

While money paid out in conventional LTC premiums may be rewarded, however in many case it is forever lost! No long term care has ever left money to heirs, or a charity, nor offered a refund if life situations change!

Nor do they increased the estate value, or build cash value of an insured!

Medicaid Exempt Funeral Trust; for Medicaid Preplanning and Medicaid Crisis Planning

Unknown Fact: In Georgia there is a MEDICAID approved option for MEDICAID Spend down! It is called the Funeral Trust. Up to $ 10,000 per person is allowed by law to be set aside for each spouse, and their children as an approved Medicaid spend down (Asset transfer without penalty)

What's good about this:

For example; there is only $30,000 left in the account of a person requiring Nursing Home Care: instead of paying all but $1,500 to the nursing home, and then "qualifying" for Medicaid, Proceeds can be used to obtain a Funeral trust for that person and his/her children, becoming immediately eligible for Medicaid, and at the same time providing for final expenses. You may not even be informed of that fact by the nursing home or social worker!

Please note: A funeral trust must be arranged BEFORE the Medicaid Application. There is no additional legal cost for this trust, We provide this directly to the public (please contact us) we will work with any planning attorney to provide this without adding additional fees to your planning

Medigap/Medicare Supplements

The best time to get a MEDICARE Supplement is at the ‘eligibility period just before or after Signing up for Medicare. Why? you can get guaranteed issue regardless of medical condition

In contrast to Medicare Advantage (Part C), the plans cannot be dropped /changed each year, there are standard choices each plan must offer. there is no network requirement, each plan (described by a letter) must offer the same benefits as the competitor. Price and service are what you look at!

Which to buy? we often recommend Plan F, which is comprehensive; yet there is a lower cost choice ! THE HD Plan F, "High Deductible Plan F", (not usually offered by most agents) It cuts your monthly payment by about 66% !, the total yearly deductible is about $2,000, and the standard Medicare Deductible of over $1,000 is included in that figure.

Our featured HD Plan F has seen the yearly or monthly rate LOWER each year, not raise! The average user saves thousands upon thousands over the years with these plans Contact us…. It's worth the trip!

Summary: Generational Wealth Transfer, Medicaid Planning, Funeral Trusts, VA Aid & Attendance (Improved Pension) application & information, Asset protection for future generations. Sensible Medicaid Supplement plans designed to provide low premium and maximize savings over lifetime. Extreme focus on protecting assets from loss and depletion, enhance inheritance values. Assistance with and Planning for Veterans Senior Care benefits, to pay towards assisted living, home care

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