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Hospice is about treating the whole person -- mind, body, and spirit. It is a plan of care that brings comfort, compassion, and closure for the patient and the family. SouthernCare specializes in honoring life and offering comfort and dignity to both the patient and the family who are facing a life limiting prognosis.

Hospice care is for people who have a life limiting prognosis and who have chosen to focus on pain and symptom relief over healing treatment.

SouthernCare focuses on the patient and the family, not the disease, and provides individualized care plans based on the specific needs, wishes, and values of the patient and family.

Diagnoses commonly associated with hospice care include but are not limited to:

The comprehensive plan of care is directed by the patient and carried out by our hospice team, which includes:

Hospice is a fully covered Medicare/Medicaid benefit and is also covered by many private insurance companies. Most plans cover hospice care and the medications, medical supplies, and medical equipment related to the hospice prognosis.

Early election of the hospice benefit helps patients and families access and receive the maximum benefit and full scope of hospice services.

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Proudly serving Madison, Limestone, Marshall, and Jackson counties.

For a complete list of counties served by SouthernCare, please visit our website at

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Hayley Strong
SouthernCare Hospice

Phone: (256) 881-2782

4769 Whitesburg Drive
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Huntsville, AL 35802

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About Hayley Strong

Hayley StrongI began serving hospice patients as a volunteer when I was sixteen. From an early age, I learned that I had a heart for hospice.

Then in 2009, our family chose SouthernCare for hospice services when my Grandfather, Papa, elected his hospice benefit through Medicare. My Papa received excellent care over the next seven months, and the staff was a tremendous help to our family, even after his passing.

I joined the SouthernCare Huntsville team in 2011. It is an honor to serve SouthernCare and an industry that provided so much for my family in such a vulnerable time.

My advice to families and loved ones seeking hospice care would be to learn as much about the hospice benefit as possible. It is the most inclusive benefit that Medicare provides and allows for loved ones to maintain their dignity at home (or wherever they consider home to be) while living with a life limiting illness.

The most important thing is for a family and their loved one to find a company in which they feel comfortable and trust. Please call 256-881-2782 if you have any questions regarding hospice or SouthernCare -- our family would be honored to serve yours.