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Debbie Meyer and Chuck Musick

Debbie Meyer and Chuck MusickMy husband and I work with seniors. We help seniors (and their families) relocate to assisted living or nursing services. We offer FREE home emptying, cleaning, fixing, or staging. How do we do this? We are realtors, in exchange for listing your home we will facilitate the entire move process as well as home maintenance while the house is on the market.

We know how difficult it can be to get the family all on the same page (we offer social work mediation) and we know how hard it is to empty a house when there is little family support. We are here to facilitate the entire move process and to ease the difficult transition for seniors.

About Us

I have been an educator, and a home remodeler. I have been in real estate for the past few years. My husband and I have moved and helped many elders over the past decade.

My husband, Chuck has been a mortgage lender, a bank manager, and a financial planner. He works with me now, at Coldwell Banker in elder services.

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Service Area

Proudly serving Salt Lake City and surrounding areas in Utah.

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Debbie Meyer and Chuck Musick
Coldwell Banker Real Estate

Phone: (801) 860-9361

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Client Testimonial

Debbie and Chuck were life savers! I had been losing my memory over the past years, but no one really knew how I was struggling until I fell, breaking my hip. I needed full time care and did not know who to turn to. A friend suggested Debbie and Chuck and they came to my rescue. I was in no position to return home and deal with my house, belongings, utilities, bills, goats, sheep, dogs and a cat! Debbie and Chuck came and met me in rehab services, and helped me move to assisted living. They then brought my favorite belongings, and helped find homes for all of my animals. They had an estate sale, and donated the rest of my stuff. The house was emptied, listed and sold, and I received the profits, which helps me pay for assisted living. I could not have done it without Debbie and Chuck. They were so kind and helpful. They arranged everything. They even watered my lawn! I would definitely call them if you need to move and are worried about the transition.

- Joan