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Life Resource & Retirement Planning System

Helping Two Generations Plan for Their Later Years

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Why Use a Planning Approach?

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How to Use the Planning System

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A Rewarding Opportunity for Expanding Your Business

Life Resource Planning is an excellent way to expand your existing practice or to start down a new career path. Seniors are the fastest growing population in this country. They control a great deal of the wealth. Yet, there is no other comprehensive planning approach such as Life Resource Planning to help them prepare for their final years. This is a unique approach. By including this type of planning in your existing practice you can also serve your existing aging clients.

This solution-based planning approach is a satisfying and rewarding way to make more money in your existing practice or increase your income through applying principles that can lead to a successful new career.

Aging Seniors and Life Resource Planning

Seniors are the fastest-growing segment of the population, not only in the United States, but in the world. Currently, individuals age 65 and over represent 13% of our national population – about 41 million people – but this will grow to 20% -- 88 million -- in just a matter of 38 years. Seniors also control a great deal of the wealth in this country.

For purposes of life resource planning, an aging senior is any older individual who is experiencing a change in lifestyle. Most healthy, active seniors ignore this type of planning. They should pay attention and plan for the future but they don’t. The need for planning is typically initiated when, due to the aging process,

  • The senior's family realizes that their loved one's savings and investments will run out,
  • The senior's health is failing or
  • The senior is losing his or her independence.

It is often at this point that one or more of the children or other family members of the aging senior intervene to seek direction from someone such as a life resource planner. Most Life Resource Planning is created and implemented as a partnership between the children, the planner and the aging parent. This relationship also gives the planner an opportunity to help the children of the aging senior deal with their own challenges of living in retirement.

Providing Solutions for Solving the Many Problems Faced by Aging Seniors

There are many community services for helping seniors through this phase in their life. These services might include

  • legal help,
  • caregiving help,
  • government aging programs,
  • geriatric care advice,
  • funding sources,
  • financial advice,
  • repair, maintenance and remodeling services,
  • placement services, care communities
  • and a whole bunch more.

Aging seniors and their children are typically not aware of many of these services and typically don’t know how to find them even when they are needed. We provide training to help you as a life resource planner recognize the need for these various services.

By using our comprehensive planning approach with aging seniors and their families, you will help them discover the challenges they are facing and you will help them find the suitable solutions.

Fitting Your Services or Products into the Big Picture Puzzle

People need to see how your services or products fit into the many challenges they are facing. You are likely only offering one piece of a large puzzle that represents later life issues. Our comprehensive approach presents the entire picture or the entire puzzle put together. If you don’t show them that big picture, they don’t understand how your piece – that represents your products or services – fits in.

Life resource planning with the aging seniors and retirement planning with their children will help them see the big picture – the complete puzzle. Then when you offer your particular piece, they will recognize how it fits into the big picture. Using this approach, you will typically have little problem persuading your planning clients to purchase your services or products. They will readily understand why you are offering what you offer and why it will benefit them.

A Much More Effective Way for Prospective Clients to Recognize Your Value

If you adopt the philosophy of our planning system, it may require you to change your concept of marketing your products and services. This approach requires an attitude of serving the community. You must be willing to invest time and effort into helping other people. Your primary concern is to educate and provide solutions. On the other hand, none of us can work for free. What you will find is if you adopt an attitude of service and of educating families of aging seniors, you will be rewarded for your efforts. Your sales will increase dramatically and you will grow your business. It is enjoyable to market yourself by providing a community service.

It is satisfying to help other people and most importantly to have people express their appreciation for the help that you have provided. Your clients will trust you and appreciate what you do for them.

Satisfied Clients Will Refer New Business to You

If you are successful in any kind of sales, you know that when you go out of your way to make existing clients happy, they will refer friends and relatives to you. This is a proven strategy. The advantage of using a planning approach is that satisfaction is built into the system. By solving clients’ problems and paying attention to their needs through a planning process, you will achieve greater satisfaction than all of the other strategies such as birthday cards, emails and so forth. You will create a lasting relationship and they will call you when they have questions or need assistance. They won’t hesitate to recommend your services to others.