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Why Use a Planning Approach?

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(PDF) Instructions for Using the Planning System to Generate a Planning Report for your Client

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How to Use the System to Get Veterans Benefits for Your Planning Clients

We have designed a fantastic and successful system to help you obtain veterans benefits for your planning clients. The system is administered through an organization called "Center for Aging Solutions." The CAS has done thousands of successful veterans claims. Members of the organization are accredited with the Department of Veterans Affairs and follow strict guidelines to avoid any violation of the rules pertaining to fees for assistance with an application for benefits.

This system will also pay you to represent the CAS as a local representative to present a Life Resource Analysis to a potential veteran beneficiary. You do not have to be accredited with the Department of Veterans Affairs in order to participate in this presentation process as long as you do not provide any specific advice on how to submit a claim for benefits. All of the advice and assistance on submitting claims will come directly from the CAS.

The beauty of this system is that not only do you get paid by the CAS to uncover a potential claim for veterans benefits, but the process will generate a Life Resource Analysis Report that you can use to sell your products or services. In particular, a Life Resource Analysis is very useful for pinpointing products that specifically complement individuals who need veterans benefits. Such as income annuities and Medicaid funeral trusts and asset estate trusts in general.

If you wish to participate in this planning/veterans qualification process, please reach out to us at (800) 989-8137.