Life Resource Planning

Life Resource & Retirement Planning System

Helping Two Generations Plan for Their Later Years

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Why Use a Planning Approach?

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How to Use the Planning System

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(PDF) Instructions for Using the Planning System to Generate a Planning Report for your Client

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How can this unique planning approach help me increase sales and expand my business?

I am a private duty home care provider.

Our life resource planning system could be one of the most valuable tools to expand business a non-medical home care provider will ever come across. The planning process involves working with a network of other providers or specialists such as attorneys, financial services specialists, reverse mortgage specialists, home health companies, veterans benefits specialists, repair, maintenance and remodeling providers, placement specialists, care managers, fiduciary providers and a whole host of other senior service providers.

Your providing this planning service to the families of aging seniors, who need personal home care, opens the opportunity for you to create a referral network that results in more new customers from referrals. In addition, the planning process will also uncover funding options to pay for your home care services such as veterans benefits or a reverse mortgage. Approximately 20% of all seniors could qualify for the so-called aid and attendance benefit if they also need to pay for private duty home care.

On the other hand, using a planning approach could also be a challenging concept for a non-medical home care provider to adopt. We realize that many personal care providers simply don’t have the time or the staff to utilize this approach. In addition many are simply overwhelmed by keeping up with employee turnover, maintaining caregiving schedules, dealing with crises with customers, trying to find new leads, trying to deal with inadequate compensation for Medicaid and fighting competition that offers lower and lower rates for services. Despite these drawbacks, we would invite you to give it a try.

We also realize that most private duty home care providers are going to the same "well" along with all of their competitors in the community for the same leads. This common source would include hospital discharge, nursing home discharge, doctors offices and Medicaid. Our system gives you an alternative lead producing strategy that will differentiate you from your competitors and allow you to find leads from other sources. Our system will also help you uncover funding for paying for your services. If you are willing to give our approach a chance, we believe it will help you grow your business and be more successful.

In fact, if you adopt our approach, you can also make income by charging for the leads that you create for other senior service providers. Or you can make fee-based income through a system that we have developed for applying for veterans benefits for your customers. This article is entirely too short to detail that system. However, this is not the approach that you may have encountered where you have to charge a higher fee to give up part of your income and give up ownership of your customers. We don’t take your fees or your customers. Our approach also means that you may not have to provide services prior to application. We have figured out a unique strategy to keep you out of the liability of offering services and paying your employees while the application is being processed.

Our life resource planning system is a valuable tool that will help personal service providers expand their business by using a unique planning approach to help their customers.