Life Resource Planning

Life Resource & Retirement Planning System

Helping Two Generations Plan for Their Later Years

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Why Use a Planning Approach?

Video - Thomas Day, Director of the NCPC

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How to Use the Planning System

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(PDF) Instructions for Using the Planning System to Generate a Planning Report for your Client

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How can this unique planning approach help me increase sales and expand my business?

I am an attorney focusing on elder issues.

A major challenge for many attorneys providing estate planning and elder advice for seniors is finding new clients. Using our system, an attorney can generate a reciprocal referral base among senior providers and advisers. Instead of directing attention entirely to legal services, the attorney can use the life resource planning survey to produce a report that will identify a number of challenges facing the aging senior. Of course, some of these challenges will involve legal work. Other challenges will involve specialists in the community who provide senior services or products.

The attorney will establish a network with these other specialists. When the need for the services of these other providers is established through a survey report, the attorney will involve these people by providing referrals.

Working together as a referral group provides reciprocal business from that group back to the attorney. This will provide an opportunity to expand the legal services of the attorney who uses our approach. For those attorneys who also provide assistance with the so-called aid and attendance benefit for veterans, our system will also uncover potential beneficiaries of this valuable financial support program.

There is also another advantage from doing a life resource survey. Instead of just focusing on the legal services that the attorney thinks the aging senior and his or her family need, the process of going through a survey will uncover many issues that were not evident to the family. This creates legal work that may not have existed either in the minds of the family or the attorney. Our life resource and retirement planning system is a valuable tool that will help attorneys expand their practice by using a unique planning approach to help their clients.