Life Resource Planning

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Use below. You must agree to and abide by these terms in order to use the Life Resource Planning System.

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Life Resource & Retirement Planning - Terms & Conditions of Use / Subscription


1. The "National Care Planning Council" ("NCPC") is the designer and developer of the "Life Resource & Retirement Planning System" (the "Product"), which the NCPC has the right to sell and distribute; and

2. The "User" is an individual who will make use of the Product as part of his or her personal business activity; and

3. A User's "Local Planning Council" is a group of 5 or more individuals or companies recognized as such by the NCPC and for purposes of this agreement, recognition of a User's Local Planning Council consists of a website created and maintained by the NCPC for the User's Local Planning Council of which the User is a member; and

4. The NCPC desires to provide the Product to the User for the sole purpose of permitting use of the Product in the User's personal business activities or as otherwise provided in this Agreement.



The NCPC hereby grants the User a non-exclusive right to use the Product (on a month to month billing basis) for the personal business or personal educational activity of the User, subject to the terms and conditions provided in this agreement. The NCPC retains all rights, title and interest in the Product, including, but not limited to, the right to sell the Product to any other third party. The User may cancel subsciption at any-time via telephone or email.


As consideration for the payment (monthly use of the Product) of the NCPC's grant to use the Product, User agrees to the following terms, conditions and restrictions:

2.1 Permitted Use

User agrees its use of the Product shall be solely for the personal business activity of the User. User may not allow User's business partners, User's agents, User's associates, User's employees, or any other entities, individuals or companies to use this Product unless authorized, in writing, by the NCPC. A User may share use of the Product with a User's Local Planning Council. Removal of the User's Local Planning Council website from the Internet for any reason rescinds User's rights for sharing the Product with the members of User's Local Planning Council.

2.2 Restrictions on Use

(a) Unauthorized Use. User shall not disclose, lease, sell, make, transfer or assign data contained in the Product or engage in any other transaction, which has the effect of transferring the right of use of part of the Product without prior written consent of the NCPC. User shall direct any third party seeking to make use of the Product to the NCPC in order for that party to obtain the Product.

(b) Users shall not be considered agents, planners, or legal representatives of the NCPC. Users shall not enter into any agreement, make any promises, make any warranty or make any representation on behalf of the NCPC or a State Council. Our names, logos and web content may not be placed on or used as part of a good or service you sell or promote.

(c) Copies. After User has received the Product from the NCPC the User shall not duplicate the Product except for the following:

1. User may save Product files to a computer provided that the User agrees not to use the backup material for any purpose other than to replace original data if lost or damaged or to use the Product for its intended use.

2. User may translate the Product into other formats or media, which translations (the "reformats") shall be subject to the same restrictions as the Product under this agreement.

3. User may distribute the Product within its local planning council recognized by the NCPC. If the council is no longer recognized (council website has been removed from the Internet), User agrees to take back into User's possession all materials or copies of materials from all council members in possession of the materials that were originally included with the Product or destroy such materials.


To the fullest extent permitted by law, User shall defend, save and hold harmless the NCPC, and its elected officials, officers, agents and employees from all claims, demands, suits, actions, losses, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses of whatsoever nature (including all attorneys' fees and costs), arising out of or resulting from the User's receipt and use of the Product. In addition, User shall also defend, save and hold harmless the officials, officers, agents and employees of any party providing the NCPC with any Data or information that is contained in the Product from all claims, demands, suits, actions, losses, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses of whatsoever nature (including all attorneys' fees and costs), arising out of or resulting from the User's receipt and use of the Product.

4. DISCLAIMER - Life Resource and Retirement Planning

User agrees to the following terms, conditions and restrictions:

4.1 Recommendations made in a Plan

A Life Resource Survey, Retirement Survey, or Life Resource Analysis are only recommendations. The User and the User's client must agree/determine if these recommendations fit the client’s needs. The NCPC is not responsible for actions recommended by a plan for any particular client and the User accepts sole responsibility for the information provided in each Life Resource Survey or Analysis.

4.2 Right to Refuse

The NCPC, reserves the right to refuse to produce a Life Resource Survey, Retirement Survey, or Life Resource Analysis (plan) for a User or a User's client at any time.

4.3 Charging Fees

Information on this website and in the Product pertaining to the charging of fees is not intended as legal advice. We have pointed out some issues relating to the legality of charging fees and receiving a commission from the sale of insurance products. Our interpretations are our own. Do not use this information as authority on which to base your practice. You should find out for yourself whether your practice using Life Resource Planning meets the insurance rules in your state. We take no responsibility if you should encounter any pushback from your state by combining fee-based planning and making insurance sales for commissions

4.4 Client Letter of Agreement

Included in the Product is a sample Letter of Agreement for Users. Users are welcome to modify this agreement as they see fit. We highly recommend Users have some form of agreement between the User and User's client, especially if a fee is involved. The sample Letter of Agreement document does not constitute a legal or binding agreement as-is. It is meant as a sample only. Users should consult with an attorney first if they decide to use this sample Letter of Agreement.