Successful Senior Marketing

Successful Senior Marketing

Helping Senior Providers Reach Out to the Aging Community

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Introduction to Successful Senior Marketing

Hello there. My name is Thomas Day and I am the director of the National Care Planning Council. Our intent is to offer our members valuable tools to enhance their marketing and planning efforts. We are extremely pleased to offer this marketing tool called Successful Senior Marketing (SSM). I believe you will find our new system an exciting and unique approach to reach new clients or customers through strategies that your competitors are likely not using.

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Please contact us toll free at (800) 989-8137. We can discuss how to integrate these tools into your existing practice. We are available 9-5 MST. If you prefer, feel free to request information or submit a question in the form below.

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Increase your business with our marketing system

Successful Senior Marketing is designed to provide you with several ways to promote your services, make group presentations, and organize a local care planning council of professionals. This system comes with printed training, a workbook and sample promotional materials and a flash drive that contains all of the training and promotional tools in the system in PDF or Microsoft Word format. The following printed material, also found on the flash drive, is provided to purchasers of the system for more convenient use and for tangible examples.

- “Training Manual for Collaborative Senior Marketing” 174 pages, spiral bound
- “Training Manual for Successful Marketing through Educational Workshops” 105 pages
- Printed examples of all of the promotional brochures and booklets in the system
- A spiral bound copy of the workbook “12 Little-Known Benefits for Senior Veterans or Their Survivors ”

Materials Furnished on the Flash Drive That Comes with the System

1. Basic Instructions for Starting up a Collaborative Senior Marketing Group (folder on flash drive) This folder contains 15 separate training articles that provide instructions on implementing the various aspects of collaborative senior marketing.

2. Setting up a Hypothetical Planning Council in Wisconsin (folder on flash drive) This folder contains instructions and lists of actual people and organizations for setting up a hypothetical Life Resource Planning Council in southeastern Wisconsin.

3. Educational Workshop Slide Presentations (folder on flash drive) This folder contains slide sets, start up presentations, start up workbooks and 175 slides that are used for marketing through educational workshops.

4. Background Knowledge Training (folder on flash drive) This folder contains textbooks on senior issues in PDF format. The purpose is to provide a library for members of a collaborative marketing group to educate themselves on issues facing aging seniors and their families.

5. Promotional Approach Pieces, Brochures and Booklets (folder on flash drive) Contained here are 18 different brochures and booklets that can be used for promoting and advertising a collaborative marketing group.

6. Ghostwritten Articles for Collaborative Group Promotion (folder on flash drive) This folder contains 191 articles pertaining to aging issues and the planning that needs to be done. You can use these articles as your own to promote your local collaborative group.

7. Articles on the Advantages of Collaborative Marketing (folder on flash drive) We provide here numerous articles designed to persuade individuals or organizations to use our marketing and planning systems.

8. Sample Presentations (folder on flash drive) This folder contains 3 different workshop presentations as an example of what you can put together using the 175 slides found in the folder “Educational Workshop Slide Presentations.”

Training and web support to organize a local care planning council

Local Care Planning CouncilLocal councils are led by a self-nominated Director. The Director invites professionals in the community to form a council team. A council is made up of 5 or more different types of senior service providers or advisors. The Director uses the Successful Senior Marketing System and the support of the National Care Planning Council to effectively accomplish the goals of their council. For example, a council will offer workshops to community groups and local businesses, information and help for employers of caregivers, and comprehensive, "one-stop shopping" solutions to seniors and families who are dealing with the challenges that face the elderly. Local Councils also combine the marketing efforts of their members in order to reach a larger audience.