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The Categories & Services to the left under Eldercare Services will take you to web pages & sites of members of the National Care Planning Council. NCPC Members help seniors and their families deal with the burden associated with aging and long term care planning.

The 45 Categories below contain links to hundreds of useful long term care web sites. If you are looking for information about a specific eldercare topic, the links below are a good place to start. We are also happy to share our free, noncommercial resource with you which we call the Guide to Long Term Care Planning. It is the most comprehensive LTC planning material ever published.

1. Current LTC News, Current LTC Magazines and Radio Interviews
2. Adult Day Care and Long Term Care
3. Alzheimer's and Long Term Care
4. Assisted Living or Alternative Living Facilities
5. Association and Government or Public Long Term Care Organizations
6. Care Agencies and Services for Long Term Care
7. Caregiving for Long Term Care
8. Care Manager (Valuable help for families coping with caregiving)
9. Comprehensive Web Sites for Aging and Long Term Care
10. Continuing Education for Long Term Care Advisors and Providers
11. Disability Help (Government and private services and assistive devices)
12. Elder Abuse
13. Elder and Family Mediation Services (Help with solving family disputes)
14. Elder Law Resources
15. End of Life Issues
16. Funeral Preplanning and Preneed Services
17. Government Agencies That Cover Long Term Care
18. Handbooks, Books and Videos About Long Term Care
19. Home Care (Ideas, Resources, Providers)
20. Hospice Care (Pallative support for terminal care)
21. Insurance for Long Term Care
22. Insurance Products - Life Insurance, Annuities, Health Insurance, Travel, P&C
23. Legal Issues With Long Term Care and Caregiving
24. Legislation and Laws for Long Term Care
25. Long Term Care Professionals and Consultants (Training, work and employment)
26. Magazines, Articles and Speeches About Long Term Care
27. Medicaid Coverage of Long Term Care
28. Medical Issues with Aging and Long Term Care
29. Medicare Coverage of Long Term Care
30. National Care Planning Council
31. Nursing Homes
32. Prescription Drugs, Supplements and Health Aids
33. Research and Statistics on Long Term Care
34. Reverse Mortgage For Long Term Care
35. State Medicaid Programs (Medicaid is administered by the States. )
36. State Long Term Care Ombudsmen (The Ombudsman handles facility complaints)
37. State Aging Services (State aging and LTC services and area agencies on aging)
38. State Adult Protective Services (For reporting elder abuse)
39. State Insurance Departments
40. State Veterans Administration Nursing Homes
41. Taxes Associated With Long Term Care (Taxation of benefits and insurance)
42. Telehomecare or Home Telehealth (Computer-aided home care for rural areas)
43. State Care Planning Councils
44. Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit (SVSA)
45. Viatical or Life Settlement for Long-Term Care