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How Your Council Serves the Community and
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Why Start a Local Council?

A council operates under a name that denotes a community service (e.g. the Utah Elder Planning Council). Councils, a team of 5 or more like-minded providers and advisors, serve the community as a "one-stop shopping" service and provide education on issues relating to aging seniors and their families. This concept allows you and your team to reach markets that your individual members cannot reach by themselves. For example, an employer would prefer to sponsor an elder planning council to educate his employees on a variety of senior related issues rather than sponsor a single business operating under a commercial name whose main goal is to sell a product.

Here are some benefits of organizing a council:

1. As a council, you can act as an education source to the public on eldercare issues. This can be accomplished, for example, through community workshops.

2. As a council, you provide the public a "one-stop shopping" service for senior services and advice. For example, this council in Gerogia represents several community and senior services.

3. As a council, you generate requests for assistance from the public through your presence on our state council web sites and your website (see an example) will generate credibility in the community through your service.

4. You produce elder planning opportunities and new business revenue through your community educational workshops as well as from your website, brochures, booklets and other council-sponsored promotions.

5. You receive the council set-up instructions, called the Successful Senior Marketing System, which provides training, council organization instructions, marketing materials, workshop presentation materials and other valuable promotional support from the National Care Planning Council (NCPC).

6. You receive a free website (see an example) for your council group who become NCPC members as well as the following additional benefits:

  • free web promotional support for individual council members,
  • free online articles,
  • free Internet optimization
  • other valuable web support as needed

Training and Instructions through SSM (Successful Senior Marketing System)

The SSM system is a complete training, support and instructional program that teaches you how to use the 5 principles for running a successful elder planning council. Purchase of the system includes:

  • A free high-quality website for your council and your members
  • 4 hours of valuable video training to use the system
  • Complete instructions on community networking and collaborative marketing
  • Complete instructions on promoting your council in the community
  • Complete instructions on organizing and running your council
  • Brochures, booklets and Internet marketing
  • Outstanding community educational presentations with workbooks for over 30 different aging subjects
  • Complete instructions on how to design your educational encounters to ensure that attendees will request your assistance
  • Ongoing support from the National Care Planning Council