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The Successful Senior Marketing System Is Your Blueprint for Success

How the National Care Planning Council Will Support Your Local Council Team at No Additional Cost

Thomas Day, the Director of the National Care Planning, explains in this video how the NCPC will support your local council. This video outlines the following services we provide local councils:

  • Set up a free website for your council team who are members of the NCPC and their state care planning council (example: Charlotte Metropolitan Senior Care Planning Council)
  • Post monthly articles to your local elder planning council website and make changes to member's information for free
  • Provide ongoing phone coaching to help you be successful with your local planning council
  • Provide brochures, booklets and training materials to support your local planning council
  • Give feedback from other groups and the strategies that they are using to be successful
  • Through your council membership provide occasional lead requests for your area
  • Continue to provide all of the other valuable benefits available to national council members
  • Continue to work on search engine optimization to increase traffic to your state council website
  • Continue to develop new training materials, support strategies and educational materials to help you expand your business opportunities

Training and Instructions through SSM (Successful Senior Marketing System)

The SSM system is a complete training, support and instructional program that teaches you how to use the 5 principles for running a successful elder planning council. Purchase of the system includes:

  • A free high-quality website for your council and your members
  • 4 hours of valuable video training to use the system
  • Complete instructions on community networking and collaborative marketing
  • Complete instructions on promoting your council in the community
  • Complete instructions on organizing and running your council
  • Brochures, booklets and Internet marketing
  • Outstanding community educational presentations with workbooks for over 30 different aging subjects
  • Complete instructions on how to design your educational encounters to ensure that attendees will request your assistance
  • Ongoing support from the National Care Planning Council