Natalie Moyle Care Manager and Personal Care Specialist

Natalie Moyle and her husband Henry started the first non-medical home care agency in Utah in 1996. This business has grown over the years to become one of the largest and most respected in the state. Their company currently employs over 150 bonded and trained caregivers.

Over the years, Natalie has spent countless hours meeting with families and doing care assessments. But what she had been doing as part of her home care service is also a major activity for a care manager. Realizing that she should be concentrating more on this service, Natalie started a care management operation in order to help families of her customers make better decisions about the care of their loved ones.

After years of helping people with family disagreements, she also realized the need and the value of mediation services. She received her certificate in mediation from the University of Utah which has one of the most respected programs in the country.

Natalie is currently involved in providing badly-needed care management services in the greater Salt Lake Metropolitan Area.

She holds a BA degree in Sociology from the University of Utah and also speaks fluent Spanish, having lived for 18 months in Ecuador. Natalie and Henry live in Salt Lake City and have two children.

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