Heartland Senior Strategies, LLC

Bonnie J. Brackett, CSA, RHU, REBC

We help seniors and their families understand and effectively plan for the issues inherent in aging and care giving. We are here to help you take control of the details that can mean the difference in just living out your life or living life to the fullest.


Don’t let life “happen” to you or your loved one - plan the life you envision! We coordinate the planning so you can get on with living!

Client Testimonial:

"As you are aware, it has been quite a year for our family, it began with sadness and difficulty and recently we transitioned mom home where she is happy, hopeful and smiling . You should know how much you have contributed to our family's well being. Your keen insights and organized professionalism were always there for us and we continue to prosper with your help.

Your knowledge base is deep and resourceful, I am always impressed with how much you know about the health care industry, insurance and assessing needs. What is especially impressive is how you blend your unique combination of talents; you lend your extensive professional experience, but you do it in a compassionate way that inspires confidence. Quite simply put, you have a talent for care that we have come to honor. Thank you for being there for our family, I knew we needed assistance and thankfully it was you!

It has been a true pleasure working with you and your staff."


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Bonnie J. Brackett, CSA, RHU, REBC
Heartland Senior Strategies, LLC

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About Bonnie Brackett

Bonnie Brackett, CSA, RHU, REBC​

Certified Senior Advisor
Registered Health Underwriter
Registered Employee Benefits Consultant​

I am so very pleased to have arrived at the point in my life that I am certain my cumulative life experiences have prepared me to launch Heartland Senior Strategies, LLC, and to offer services that will improve the lives of seniors and their families as they face the issues of aging, care giving, estate and end of life planning.

My life experience includes serving seniors in several capacities: eight years in various facets of the home health industry, 16 years in the health insurance industry and 10 years of hands-on, real-life experience in the care and life planning for three elderly parents. I have also had the unique opportunity to be in various nursing homes almost daily for the last two years. These experiences have revealed to me that families are struggling to take care of elderly parents while managing their own careers and families. Seniors are confused by all the issues and options facing them. Sadly it is clear that we as a society must do a better job of meeting the needs of our seniors and our elderly. Likewise, we must unite together and do a better job of planning for the future.

" Unfortunately, from experience, I know all too well how difficult it is to manage a transition for an elderly family member. There are so many details to hammer down, including medical, safety, and quality of life issues. This process is time consuming, anxiety provoking and incredibly exhausting. Enter Bonnie Brackett. When it came time to move my mother-in-law home from an assisted living facility, Bonnie single-handedly and swiftly arranged for the utilities to be put back on, for a safety assessment of the home to be done, for installation of safety equipment, and for transitional health care personnel to be recruited, and transport to be arranged. Most impressive, however, was her empathic approach to working with our family. She involved us in every step of the decision making process and was able to anticipate and respectfully address the various stresses and strains that accompany this type of change. It is not easy to place the care of someone close to you in the hands of another person, but Bonnie’s unique expertise and interpersonal skills instilled trust and alleviated a great deal of our family stress."

- J.B., Client Testimonial