Marcia Marill, RN, MA

Funeral Trusts & Medicare Advisor

Marcia Marill, RN, MAWhy begin with a Funeral Trust? Understandably, most do not have Longtermcare Insurance because of the expense. When a person has to go into a Nursing Home they are not prepared to spend the $6-7,000/month for their care (2015 rates). What happens is they have to spend down their assets including the cash value of their life insurance policies before Medicaid comes in to assist. Only when they reach the Medicaid threshold will the state cover the expenses for their care. Having to cash in the life insurance usually comes as a big shock to the families. There is a way you can protect your life insurance for the funeral costs by converting your policy to a Funeral Trust. Doing so comes at no cost to you. Funeral Trusts is one of the many ways you can begin to protect your assets. Just as equally, in order to quickly qualify a person for Medicaid assistance there are ways a person can spend down assets so family members can benefit. I work the Front Range region of Colorado helping clients with this protection and their Medicare.

It is always best to prepare ahead of time because your options are still open and there are more ways to protect what you have. When a person needs to qualify for Medicaid right away there are some things you can still do. Give me a call and we can talk further about your specific situation.

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Proudly serving El Paso, Teller, Elbert, Fremont, Pueblo, Douglas, and Jefferson Counties.

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Marcia Marill, RN, MA
Funeral Trusts & Medicare Advisor

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About Marcia

For many years I have worked as a Nursing Director in Longtermcare and Rehab and have watched the above scenario happen many times over. In January 2012 I took a career change so I could help clients prepare and protect their assets. I know the fence on both sides and my Nursing background provides me with a unique advantage to helping clients prepare for the unexpected. I specialize in Medicare, Funeral and Estate Trusts, and Living Benefits because they are all part of the package to help people protect what they have and provide them with the resources when the inevitable happens.

Client Testimonial

You are the angel that has been sent to me. I would never have been able to qualify for Medicaid so quickly had you not helped.

- S. West

I cannot believe God sent me an angel. You know so much about the Medicare and Medicaid. I never realized there was a way to protect my life insurance policy so my family would not have to be strapped with the cost. Thank you Marcia.

- L. Badwan

You have helped us to protect our retirement and should we need to go in a nursing home we will not lose everything! You are the best Marcia.

- R. Doryenski

My mother was going to lose her life insurance so she could qualify for Medicaid and you have prevented this from happening. Now I know why so many call you the angel. You are so compassionate and understanding I am glad Joe referred you to us.

- A. White