Positive Communication Systems

Mardi Winder-Adams, M.Ed, CDM

Positive Communication Systems is a dispute resolution service based in North East Texas. Areas of expertise include corporate and private training, conflict consultation and resolution, negotiation, mediation, facilitated meetings and Parenting and Co-Parenting Support Services.

Mediation services may be voluntary or court ordered.

Flexible scheduling allows for evening and weekend sessions and trainings to meet the time restrictions of working people.

The emphasis in conflict resolution services is on developing conflict resolution skills and practical, workable resolutions that are customized to the needs of the parties involved.

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Service Area

Proudly serving North, East and Central Texas.

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Positive Communication Systems
Mardi Winder-Adams, M.Ed, CDM

Phone: (903) 573-6634

Naples, Texas

Email: mardi@poscs.com
Web: poscs.com