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I was fortunate enough to be able to walk away from the corporate world a few years ago and decided I wanted to do something fun and worthwhile with my life. I started a service that I like to describe as a service that saves lives.

That is to say, I record video interviews that capture the stories of one's life.

These interviews cover memories or stories that the interviewee may have heard or remembers about ancestors, their grandparents, parents, siblings, stories of their childhood, growing up on the farm, or in the old neighborhood, their teenage years, meeting their spouse, having children, years in the military, jobs they've held, travel experiences, and so on. My markets are seniors who want to leave their stories as a legacy for their family and/or children whose parents are at that stage when their stories may disappear, if not recorded. I use a tag line from an old anonymous quote that reads "when an old person dies a library is lost."

About Fred R. Farmer

Fred R. FarmerThe first legacy video that I had done was of my own mother over 30 years ago. My father was killed in a hunting accident when I was young, so when my first son was born, she came down from Idaho to see him. Technology has changed quite a bit since then but I was able to capture and digitize her look, voice, mannerisms, and many of my family stories for my son that had just been born. After leaving the corporate world a few years ago, I thought other families might like to have the same thing done for theirs. Over the years, I've put together quite an extensive list of general questions that cover each era of an interviewee's life. These questions alleviate the stress of the senior thinking that they won't know what to talk about. I normally furnish these questions a couple of weeks prior to an interview so the interviewee has the opportunity to get the memory wheels rolling before we record. Please visit my website for sample clips and more information.

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Service Area

Proudly serving San Diego, Orange, and Los Angeles Counties. Willing to travel to other locations.

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Fred R. Farmer
Fond Reflections Video

(858) 750-5330

San Diego, California


Member of the CaCPC

I am member of the San Diego North Advisory Board with the California Care Planning Council.

Client Testimonial

It started as an opportunity for my sister and I to see our mom telling stories of her life on DVD. It ended as a documentary not only of Mom’s life but also of our family history going back to her grandparents. This was shared with many friends and family members and has become a legacy that relatives are sharing with and passing on to their children. Mom sat for 3 hours telling her life story with Fred’s guidance. The results were fantastic with kudos from all who have seen it and far beyond any expectations. Thanks Fred.

- Christopher Cattell