Humanitarian Empower Living
Purpose, Inc

Humanitarian Empower Living Purpose, Inc

Humanitarian Empower Living Purpose, INC (H.E.L.P.) is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, religious or scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code.


Specific Purpose and On-Going Projects

  1. Provide charitable aid to domestic violence victims for women.
  2. Provide scholarship grants and school supplies to high school students.
  3. Provide goods to disaster and calamity victims.
  4. Medical / Surgical Mission
  5. Provide charitable aid to Low Income Seniors and disabled Veterans.

Humanitarian Empower Living Purpose, Incorporate (H.E.L.P.) in collaboration with Las Vegas HELP Lions Club and HELP4Seniors partners to local businesses, community organizations and health care organizations and private individuals to provide health services, clothing, groceries, adult incontinent supplies, gift cards to pay Over-the -counter medication or co-pay for prescription drugs.

HELP4 Seniors is a united act of compassion that helps the community in need. HELP4Seniors committed to volunteers who believe in building the safety of Low Income Elderly/ Disabled Veterans and the community through kindness generosity and tender loving care. HELP4Seniors is a program for Low income seniors and disabled veterans and there family to find a solution for there healthcare needs upon discharge from the hospital /long term care facility or rehabilitation center to live safely in there homes or find placement to:


Our Mission: Provide assistance during difficult times.

" Life is SHORT!!!" The legacy that we left behind, are the people that we HELP and lend a helping hand and give a chance to change for a better life" (Rose Naira - Founder/President)

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Service Area

Proudly serving Nevada and Hawaii.

Contact Us

Rosemarie Naira
Humanitarian Empower Living Purpose, Inc

Phone - Rose:
(702) 810-1504

Phone - Gerlie:
(702) 818-0346

1810 E. Sahara Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89104

Email: Web:

Volunteers: HELP welcomes volunteers to make new friends and professional connection and make a difference to our community a better place to live, and have FUN DOING IT!

About the Founder/President

Rose is a humanitarian entrepreneur who has focused her life on giving other's opportunity and assistance for a better life, born in the rural province of Ilocos Norte , Philippines. Rose lost her father at the age of 15 and was forced to take the task of raising her three siblings where she found her calling to help nurture and care of human spirit. Looking for a way to give her children a better life than her own.

Rose immigrated to the United States and work three full time jobs in the healthcare in Hawaii, and geared her focus on providing quality of life to those she met along the way.

As Rose is a single mother of five children, she strive to provide a better life to grow and founded Live N Love , LLC a Low Income license Residential Group Home located in Las Vegas Nevada, looking for a new way to support her purpose in life. Rose started Therapeutic Massage, Las Vegas H.E.L.P. Lions Club and Humanitarian Empower Living Purpose, Inc.(HELP) a Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 Organization. Having children and love one who are veterans themselves. Rose dedicated her time and efforts to H.E.L.P. which provides charitable aid to Domestic Violence victims. low-income elderly and disable veterans, calamity and disaster victims and medical mission. Despite the hardships she has overcome, Rose has shown through her constant persistence and efforts, that giving love and care can help you live through anything.

Client Testimonial

Jerry suffered a series of strokes which cased him to need care in 2013. He was blessed to be welcome into the Live N Love Group Home, where Rose and her staff grew to love him and became Jerry's new family for years until he passed quietly into eternity on Dec. 2016.

- Linda T.