Bruce Berkowitz, CLTC
Berkowitz Long Term Care Insurance Services, Inc.

BruceMy mission is to educate and protect people from the devastating costs of long-term care. Families do not realize how important long-term care insurance is until they are uninsurable or actually need long-term care. I don't want that to happen to you!

I specialize in long-term care insurance and offer the most affordable and comprehensive plans in the market place for individuals, associations, or employer groups. I can assist you in designing the proper plan for you and your family.

About Bruce Berkowitz, CLTC
Bruce Berkowitz is a well-respected Long-Term Care Specialist residing in Southern California, with licenses in CA. He learned about the importance of long-term care insurance first hand when both his parents needed care at the same time. He is a recognized expert in planning for the cost of long-term care and has been helping families protect their savings and independence since 1999. Bruce holds a BA degree from Rutgers University. He regularly gives public service seminars on long term care financing. In order to offer solutions to an individual's unique circumstances and health, he is an independent broker and represents many of the industry's top carriers. Here are some of the companies and products:

  • Genworth Choice
  • Genworth TLC
  • MetLife VIP2
  • John Hancock Custom Care 2
  • Mutual of Omaha LTC1 LTC2
  • Mass Mutual
  • Allianz
  • Prudential LTC3
  • MedAmerica Simplicity
  • UNUM
  • Lincoln Financial Money Guard

Bruce has realized that many people lack coverage because of health issues and has learned that each company has different medical underwriting standards. The many companies he represents gives him the flexibility to recommend a company based on the client’s specific needs and health. There is NO one company for everyone. For those that may have applied for coverage in the past and were denied coverage, they may be able to get coverage today. It may be that some people have been struggling with the idea of traditional long-term care insurance because they think they can afford to pay the costs from their assets. There is a new product created for those very affluent people that is Universal Life with a long-term care rider and has a return of premium choice.

The United States government has created tax incentives for people and business owners, to possibly deduct premiums for long-term care insurance, the premiums may be more affordable than people realize. Also, Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) are another possible way to deduct some of the premiums for long-term care insurance.

Many people purchase policies through work as well as Associations including AARP, SAG, CALPERS, IBM, Zurich/Farmers and Chase Manhattan. Many people who have these policies have learned the hard way that it was not all they thought it would be. Unfortunately, many discovered after someone had made a claim. Bruce has studied many of these policies and can recommend whether a person will need to have additional coverage or if they should replace their coverage.

Berkowitz Long Term Care Insurance Services Inc. provides the following services:

  • Provide assistance to employers and their workers searching for the right company offering Long Term Care Insurance.
  • Provide assistance to CPA’s, Financial Planners and their client base searching the right company offering Long Term Care Insurance.
  • Provide assistance to Alumni Associations, AMA and ABA members searching for the right company offering Long Term Care Insurance.
  • Provide assistance to single, married, widowed, living with significant other searching for the right company offering long term care insurance.
  • Conduct educational seminars and group talks
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Proudly serving Los Angeles County, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita County and Ventura County & Southern California.

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Bruce Berkowitz, CLTC
Berkowitz Long Term Care Insurance Services, Inc.

CA License # 0C67105

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