Eldercare Resources
The Eldercare Resource Articles above are written to help you understand the need for and the process of planning for long term care.
There are four key steps to successful long term care planning.
1. Knowledge & Preparation
2. Proper Funding
3. Using Long Term Care Professionals
4.Creating a Personal Care Plan and Choosing a Care Coordinator
  LT Care Solutions, Inc. David Landwehr CLTC

3 Ways We Can Help You

1. Veterans: If you're a WWII or Korean War veteran or widow of a veteran we can help guide you through the VA system. The Veterans Pension benefit can provide up to $1949 a month in tax free dollars if you are eligible.

2. Retirees: If you are on medicare we can help guide you through the maze of options. We can help you to decide between a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan. For some, paying premiums is the best route and for others paying co-pays is the best decision.

3. Baby Boomer: If you're a baby boomer or older we can help you plan for the Number 1 financial risk you will face in retirement. You work too hard to save for retirement only to see it go up in smoke. As an independent we represent all of the top carriers and will help guide you through your options.

About me

David is a Certified Long Term Care Specialist and a Veterans Benefit Consultant. It is very rare to find anyone with both of these certifications. Career choices and personal experiences have led David to become a Long Term Care Insurance Specialist for the last ten years. David's mother-in-law moved in with David and his wife, Brenda, for 4 ½ years and 29 surgical operations before she died. David helped his mother and hundreds of others receive the veterans pension benefit.

David has testified in Topeka before the Kansas Futures Committee as a long term care insurance expert and has had six articles published on the subject. He has worked as a consultant with the Kansas Dept. of Aging on long-term care insurance.

David has helped thousands of people put together their long term care protection plans. He was featured in Via Christi's Family Health Channel for his long term care expertise. David's extensive experience, knowledge and sincere interest in his clients make him a great resource on this subject.

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 about the NCPC

The National Care Planning Council is dedicated to helping families recognize the need for long term care planning and to helping implement that planning.

Integrity, honesty, and a genuine concern for those who are in need of (or may need) long term care are at the heart of our services.