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A Local Planning Council
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Starts at $15/mth + $40/mth for the NCPC's Lead Program
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Local Councils are Led by a Self-Nominated Director

    Local councils are led by a self-nominated, informal director. The director is a Premium Member of the National Care Planning Council (NCPC). The director invites professionals in the community to form a council team. A local council is made up of different types of senior service providers or advisors who join as preffered members of the NCPC. For example, the Utah Elder Planning Council consists of 8 members with the following backgrounds: Finance, Elder Law, Home Care, Care Management, Reverse Mortgages, Placement, Senior Real Estate, and Veterans Benefits.

    Each director uses the support of the National Care Planning Council to effectively accomplish their goals. For example, a council will offer workshops to community groups and local businesses, information and help for employers of caregivers, and comprehensive, "one-stop shopping" solutions to seniors and families who are dealing with the challenges that face the elderly. Local Councils also combine the marketing efforts of their members in order to reach a larger audience.

What is a Local Planning Council?

A Local Planning Council is a collaborating group of like-minded practitioners and companies who band together to provide aging services to their local community. These individuals and companies work together as an informal partnership to achieve three common goals:

  1. Educate the public on how to plan for the needs of aging seniors
  2. Provide the local community a one-stop shop of aging senior’s services and family support
  3. Create a positive reputation for the group through group promotion and service

Even though a Local Planning Council is not a formalized legal organization, it operates much like a small business partnership with all members working together to achieve the goals outlined above. Any lead requests coming to the group through its website and promotional efforts belong to the group and not to any individual member.

After the immediate needs of someone requiring assistance are met, an effort is then made to uncover all the challenging issues of the aging senior or his or her family who require the assistance. This solution-based approach to helping aging seniors in the community allows all members of the council group to participate in solving the needs of an aging senior and his or her family instead of just providing a simple one-time sale of products or services from an individual group member.

This solution-based approach to uncovering all the issues facing an aging senior or for a younger senior facing or in retirement is accomplished in various ways. Here are some of the ways this is done:

  • Provide Life Resource Planning or Retirement Planning to create new business.
  • Use the free online aging issues assessment or retirement issues assessment available to group members to uncover aging issues and create new leads.
  • Obligate each individual group member to be aware of the services of other group members and recommend those services to potential customers or existing customers of that individual group member.
  • Work together as a team to promote the group solution-based approach through advertising, brochures, website promotion and other means.
  • As an additional and optional lead generation process, agree to work together as a group to promote and conduct educational workshops.

Set up and support of a local planning Council is part of our premium membership program with the National Care Planning Council. As a premium member you will act as the director of the local council and receive the following:

  1. Preferred membership with the National Care Planning Council
  2. Creation and hosting of a unique aging resources website that will generate new leads for your local planning Council group. This website also displays a profile picturem, services, and contact information for each member of the groups. Review the Utah Elder Planning Council website to get a better idea.
  3. Extensive website resources to include over 130 in-depth articles and videos on aging issues, one-stop shop services for aging seniors and unlimited use of online assessments
  4. Aging Issues Planning Tools – Unlimited use of 4 different online evaluations to create leads and generate new business along with your own personal online database for these evaluations
  5. Instructions how to use the program and how to promote your collaborative marketing group; plus additional support material which includes sample promotional brochures and booklets, strategies to create new business, a complete educational workshop lead generation system with instructions and much more
  6. Ongoing support from the National Care Planning Council