United Lifeline & United Home Services

United Lifeline is a not-for-profit Personal Emergency Response Service (PERS) that has been serving the Long Island and New York City area since 1983.

It is an outreach program of the UAM (United Adult Ministries)which originated in 1916 Brooklyn and grew with the support of over 260 churches of all denominations to expanding services with Flushing House, an affordable full-service senior retirement residence and United Lifeline and United Home Services which are membership-based discounted home maintenance services.

All these services share the same goal: To keep older adults,the frail and the handicapped safe, secure and independent, while offering hope and practical services to live confidently in today's world. United Lifeline offers peace of mind and confidence for the subscriber and their families. Our medical alert service (PERS) has, throughout the years, helped over 15,000 individuals to not only maintain their independence. but to prevent premature institutionalization by providing prompt and easy access to medical, social services,security and assistance, as needed.

Additionally, the benefits of early intervention, for any medical crisis,have always proven to offer the best results.Whether you have a medical or safety emergency or you have a question about services, help is just a push of a button away.

United Lifeline's excellent reputation is earned through our dedication and attention to every detail of customer service.Our reputation as a reliable provider of PERS (Personal Emergency Response Services)has been time proven both in the community and the healthcare sector. Many community agencies and senior centers/organizations have also learned to appreciate our flexibility and reliability. Our commitment includes providing each client with the best service for the least cost,in the most ethical/professional and efficient manner regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, sex or handicap. United Lifeline will get you the help you need, whether it's a helping hand from a neighbor or relative, or immediate medical attention will be alerted!

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Service Area

Proudly serving Long Island & the New York City.

Contact Us

Stephanie Pacchiano
United Lifeline & United Home Services

P.O. Box 411
Woodbury, N.Y. 11797

Phone #: 516-364-3401
Toll Free #: 1-800-345-4571

Email: spacchiano@uam.org
Web: unitedlifeline.com
Web: flushinghouse.com

If you prefer, indicate your needs in the form below and I will contact you to let you know how I can help.

About Stephanie

As Director of Community Relations, it is my privledge to further the outreach of our services by educating the public on the simplicity and cost effectiveness of our wonderful peace-of-mind program.Having spent a decade within the nursing home industry prior to United Lifeline, I knew that ultimately healthcare attempts to maintain the dignity and individuality of each person as their health/safety needs evolve and United Lifeline addresses both of these important issues. United Lifeline offers the individual the freedom of maintaining their course in life and accessing help/safety when needed. In today's complex world, providing a simple solution is always rewarding!

Voice Equipment
We offer several models of two-way voice equipment to meet various subscriber needs, including vision and hearing impairments and adaptive devices (puff straw and pillow) for the disabled. Our personal help buttons are attractive, lightweight and waterproof and all units contain a speakerphone for response as well as a back-up battery in case of power failure. The units install similarly to a cordless phone. A phone jack and outlet are required so that a phone (for dialing) and PERS Unit (for speaker response) can be installed and programmed. With one press of the personal help button, the 24-hour 365-day Emergency response Center is signaled. There is the availability of an AT&T Language Line which provides communication capability in over 140 languages. Our experienced installers come to your home and determine the best location for your United Lifeline unit and explain how it works in an emergency and answer all your questions. They also provide clar ity as to the range of the unit in your home environment. Our PERS service provides the abilty, at the press of a button, to request help from a responder that you have listed to be contacted for non-emergency situations or in the event of a crisis, the immediate dispatch of 911 assistance.

Client Testimonials

I know my family values me because they provide me with the gift of United Lifeline!

Thank you for your kindness whenever I call the office. God Bless you!

Thank you for your wonderful service!

With much appreciation for all the care you give me....I wish you the very best and God's Blessings.

What can I say, but thank you again for everything!

You guys are the best!