Senior Life LLC, Geriatric Care Management Nurses

Getting older has gotten pretty complicated and so has figuring out what to do next.  Many decisions are needed when you are under pressure due to a crisis or hospitalization. That's where we come in.

We are Geriatric Care Management Nurses.  We are also Consultants and Advocates. That means we make it our business to understand all aspects of eldercare. It also means that we work only for you and your best interests. We offer you insider guidance; independent of insurance companies, health systems or creative marketing.

We listen to you first. Carefully. When we understand your needs, concerns and questions, we advise you on what's available at what quality and cost. We are your "one stop shop" for understanding every option available to meet your needs. We help at our office, your home, the hospital, assisted living or nursing homes. That's the consultant part. We are also advocates. If you wish, we will work with your professional health team for best results. 

Our clients save time, energy and money. They don't "hope" they made the best choice, they know they did. Don't wait for a crisis. Call today and build a response plan for the "what ifs" that are on your mind.

Thank you for considering Senior Life. It would be our pleasure to help you.

Service Menu

Stay at Home Assessments

  • Memory Concerns
  • Driving and Transportation issues
  • Nurse Specialist Assessment: body systems, medications, mood, memory and wellness (With a written report to your doctor)
  • Medication Reminder Systems
  • Socialization Needs
  • Hiring Helpers: options and costs
  • Family Mediation
  • Benefits and Insurance Review
  • Assistive Equipment and tips
  • Doctor appointment attendance
  • "What if" Solutions

Caregiver Support / Relief

  • Replace Guesswork with Confident Decisions
  • Respite Stays
  • Doctor Appointment Transport and Attendance
  • Agency help: options and costs
  • Family Mediation
  • Long distance family support
  • StandBy Program for life's "what ifs" Become a Member and know we're here if you need us. Includes Vacation and Business Travel Coverage and/or Backup Support for crisis.
  • Guardianship Support
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Hospice Decision Support

Hospitalization and/or Discharge Support

  • Advocacy to assert your wishes or untangle your situation
  • Nurses to meet with your doctors to ask the right questions
  • Care Plan Meeting Support and Guidance
  • Streamlined discharge solutions with referrals you can trust

Benefits, Insurance, and Paperwork

  • Veterans Benefits
  • Prescription Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Medicare / Health Insurance
  • Medicaid and Elder Law Attorney Referrals

Move Decisions: No Two Communities Are the Same

  • Decision Support: Senior and Family - saves time and worry
  • Identify Level of Need and your wishes
  • Education on various levels of housing: Services and Costs, independent apartments, assisted style living, nursing homes and low income housing.
  • Cut to the chase: pinpoint housing that meets your needs
  • Lifetime Cost Projections
  • Strategy map if your money runs low
  • Transition Support

Nursing Homes: Choosing, Rehabilitation, or Moving Out

  • PRI Services a NYS mandatory review and form completion required before moving to a nursing home.
  • Decision support: we'll assess if your family member qualifies for a nursing home, and strategies to make the move a positive one.
  • Comparison Analysis of nursing home services, accommodations, costs
  • Find Quality Nursing Homes with low funds or Medicaid
  • Cut to the Chase: identify which nursing homes meet your needs
  • Application strategy and assistance

Money Saving Discounts

  a. We negotiate better pricing.
Hospitalization and/or Discharge Support

  a. Everything happens FAST; we help you know what's coming, think it through.

Stay at Home Guidance

  c. Mail, bills, and appointment assistance.
  d. NURSE SPECIALIST ASSESSMENT: body systems, medications, mood, memory & wellness. (With a written report to you and your doctor).
  e. MEDICATION reminder systems
  f. Socialization
  g. Hiring helpers: options and costs
  h. Care coordination
  i. Family mediation
  j. Decision support for today and tomorrow
  l. Emergency papers: do you have what you need?
  m. Referrals You Can Trust -We rank services for you – We do not participate in commissions or kick-back.

Relocation Assistance - to ASSISTED LIVING or NURSING HOMES and OUT OF AREA

Caregiver Support / Relief

  a. RESPITE stays - Do you know what this is? It's temporary stays outside the home.
  b. Doctor appointment transport and attendance
  c. HIRING HELP: options and costs
  d. Family mediation
  f. Vacation and business travel coverage.  
  g. Guardianship support
  h. HOSPICE decision support
  i. REFERRALS You Can Trust: support groups and any type of professional necessary to meet your needs.

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Service Area

Proudly serving Rochester and surrounding areas in New York.

Contact Us

Jennifer Meagher RN, Owner and Executive Director

Senior Life LLC, Geriatric Care Management Nurses

Phone: (585) 424-2424

115 Metro Park, Ste. 2
Rochester, NY 14623


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Consider calling before you are in a crisis and tap into our insider knowledge.

About Us

Jennifer has over 20+ years of experience at Genesee Hospital, nearly 10 years in the home health industry, and has worked in geriatrics since 1997. She founded Senior Life LLC in 2005. She is a popular columnist on News 10 NBC's website: since 2008. She is also a member of the Greater Rochester Area Partnership for the Elderly, Founder of Better Business Partners Serving Seniors, and a Member of the Alzheimer's Advocacy Committee.


Our elders have pulled our country through World Wars, more wars, The Great Depression, the civil rights movement and more wars and trying times. They deserve the red carpet treatment. Senior Life LLC believes in honesty, integrity and doing the right thing.

We treat our elders and families right; it is your life, not ours. We believe in informed decision-making. We'll explain it all to you, and then you choose. We also believe that every older adult is a valuable member of their family and our society. We will treat you accordingly. No "honey" or "sweetie" talk from us.

The Senior Life team will help soothe your stress. We listen. We help. We teach. We guide. We make referrals to trustworthy services in town. If you wish, we step in and solve problems or make things happen. We offer choices and direction. If you are saying: "I just wish someone would tell me what to do!" Then pick up the phone and call.

Message From Jennifer

We provide unbiased answers, advice, and advocacy. We know the rules, regulations and your rights. Let us take you from "hoping" you're doing the right thing to knowing you are. If you like what you see here, contact us for consultation. We will meet over a cup of coffee or tea, and discuss your concerns. During this session we will learn about your situation and then make suggestions and referrals. Sometimes that's all the help a family needs. If what you want isn't listed, just ask. If we don't know the answer, we'll tell you. Then we'll refer you to someone who does! Your best interest is our only interest. We are all about you . . . all about choice.