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Most people need to plan for their and their family's future at one time or another. Often it is too late by the time they realize the need for planning. By visiting an Estate Planning attorney they can discover what they need to do to provide for themselves and their loved ones in the event of disability or death.

We are often asked if it is expensive to have plans prepared by an attorney. The cost is minimal compared to the possible cost in court fees, estate taxes or the heartbreak of family members when they do not receive what they know you wanted them to inherit.

What We Do

We provide professional advice for you and your loved ones in the following areas of law:

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Heather Dern Myers, Esq.
Law Office of Heather Dern Myers, PLLC

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About Heather Dern Myers

Heather Dern Myers, the firm's attorney, has a passion for helping individuals achieve their estate planning goals in a non-stressful environment and continuing to be there for them as their goals and needs change.