Goal Based Professional Consulting

John D. McKearn

John D. McKearnI offer individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs, public sector organizations and real estate agents the kind of help they most want and need but typically can't afford.

I am committed to you and your purpose. I help you to understand and embrace the most essential of all business-related knowledge, acquired over many years of extensive study and direct hands on experience.

The Answers are Found in the Questions

- Peter Drucker

I work closely with you to formulate and then answer the very best questions related directly to your business. These questions are derived from the experience of the world's most successful executives and thought leaders.

Your answers then provide the road-map to your success.

For example:

What is the 'big aha' for your business? This means the smart, realistic, relatively fast ways to gain sustainable competitive advantage.

What is your company's purpose?
Who is your customer?
What does your customer most value?
What is your business now?
What should it be?
What results are you getting?
If we weren't here already, would you choose to be in this business?
What is your current plan?
What are the core characteristics of your business?
What drives its growth?
What drives its profitability?
Who are your competitors and what are their strengths and weaknesses?
What concerns you most about the year ahead?
What one or two things could happen that would really hurt you?
What's the essential gap between where you are and where you need to be?
How can you redirect your energy and attention towards those things that must be done in order to close that gap?
What is your winning move?"
What can you do to change the competitive playing field?
How can you make customers stick with you more than ever before?
How can you move from what your customers merely expect to what they never even imagined was possible?

In sum

I'm a frugal entrepreneur who knows how to highly leverage limited resources to maximize top and bottom line results. I'm goal focused, driven and persistent; a marketing madman; a highly successful team builder who's learned that happy clients and inspired staff are the only real source of superior results; a consensus-driven leader who's not afraid to make hard decisions; a non-judgmental listener and ally; exuberant, fun and funny.

Professional History and Performance Benchmarks

Mr. McKearn has either founded or served as president/co-owner of multiple growth-oriented companies in both the behavioral healthcare and home furnishings industries and in profit and nonprofit settings. These businesses have ranged up to 140 employees and 17 locations achieving annual revenues up to $10.3 million and pretax profits of $1.2 million. Under his leadership, annual growth rates for most of his companies averaged around 100%.

A former psychotherapist, hospital administrator and forth generation entrepreneur, John enjoys achieving atypically positive results by building high functioning and fully engaged teams, and by aggressively leveraging limited resources.

John is a recognized expert in psychology and behavioral health services. He holds a B.A. in psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire where he graduated magna cum laude, and an M.S. in professional counseling from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. John has a strong background in education and public speaking and over 25 years post-graduate training in management, marketing, leadership, governance and finance.

Mr. McKearn also has extensive background in working with public sector entities…local, county state and federal, and with numerous social services and non governmental entities, such as healthcare and public health providers, community based organizations and foundations. He also has over 10 years experience in international business.

Cost of Services

I don't assess a fixed monthly fee because I believe you should pay only for the time you use. However, if after our initial discussions you decide to retain my services, and as a sigh of good faith, I do require an up front commitment to purchase at least five hours of my time, to be paid after the first month we begin working together whether you use those hours or not. After that all services are strictly based on actual time used basis, billed in no less than ½ hour units.

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Contact Me

Goal Based Professional ServicesJohn D McKearn
Goal Based Professional Consulting

Director Palm Beach Treasure Coast Elder Care Planning Council

(561) 379-0400

Juno Beach, Florida

Email: Johndmckearn@gmail.com
Web: goalbasedprofessionalservices.com

John D McKearn
Director - Palm Beach Treasure Coast Elder Care Planning Council

Palm Beach Treasure Coast Elder Care Planning Council

(561) 307-3417

911 Ocean Dr.
Juno Beach, FL 33408

Email: info@pbtcplanningcouncil.com
Web: pbtcplanningcouncil.com

Service Area

Florida - Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Okeechobee, Indian River, Counties.

National - When feasible, consulting services wherever located.

Client Testimonials

He seems to have a god given talent in creating an environment that brings out the best in people; motivating those within his organization to perform far beyond normal expectations. I wish he ran my company.

- Former Business Partner

I've found him to be an extremely proficient and successful entrepreneur and business executive. John seems to have the rare combination of business vision and the management skill to successfully implement the vision. His entrepreneurial spirit and energy, coupled with his strategic vision and his motivated work force have proven to be a true recipe for success. The results speak for themselves-sales and profitability tripled in a little over 2 years. The success experienced at The Bramble Company was not a one time fluke or a lucky set of events going John's way. It was the result of the way that John McKearn does business-develop a corporate culture that is built on unleashing the talents of each and every employee, such that the activities that they perform result in superior service and value for all of your customers-all performed under a company vision which strives for excellence in all that you do. His entrepreneurial spirit and energy, coupled with his strategic vision and his motivated work force have proven to be a true recipe for success. I am personally grateful to have been apart of the experience and to watch the strategic vision of a high energy entrepreneur come alive.

- Former CFO and currently CFO and Treasurer of a Healthcare company with annual revenues of nearly $500 million

As the Owner and Creative Director of ADX Creative, I worked with John, Dori and their team for over 10 years. During that time I found them to be among the best and most effective marketing professionals I have ever partnered with. They brought passion and a unique insight to the industry that carried through all aspects of their operations. I highly recommend them as business associates and greatly respect them as individuals.

- Owner/Creative Director

How did a former psychotherapist, substance-abuse counselor, and hospital administrator wind up as the chief executive officer of one of the fastest-growing accent furniture companies in the country?...A renaissance blend of scholar, philosopher, historian, entrepreneur, counselor, civil libertarian, and would-be comedy writer McKearn's energy is palpable, positive, and apparently contagious.

- Featured industry leader profile, Home Accents Today

In the work I do now, I think of John frequently. I think about how he taught me to learn by questioning. I have an I can do anything if I believe in it" attitude because John helped me to see that this is indeed true. As the Executive Director of a non-profit agency I am constantly looking for ways to meet new community needs. I credit John with helping me to see the possibilities, like putting on a new pair of glasses and being able to see what was somewhat distant and fuzzy, more clearly. It is difficult to convey the respect I have for John McKearn. He is a man of character. I trust him implicitly. I will always be grateful to him for his guidance and consider him a mentor.

- Executive Director Non profit community Social Services agency


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