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Lisa A. MeadLearning from being the sole caregiver for my parents for over twenty-years in one form or another, I gained my experience by necessity. My goal is to offer the family assistance in caring for their spouses, parents, siblings, and friends, without going down the same path I did.

While catering to a variety of clients, I specialize in high-profile clients and executives affording them with the utmost discretion. I am able to locate and place fully vetted caregivers to pair with your loved one who will soon feel like a member of the family or close friend. Caregivers can be needed to do a wide variety of tasks from personal care, household tasks, taking to appointments or shopping, or just for much needed companionship. We very carefully match our caregivers to our clients. My goal is to allow them to stay in their home as long as safely possible, if that is their wish. Our resources allow us to connect with many providers to provide the best care and service available, and for the perfect team.

When selecting the proper long-term facility, whether Independent Senior Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Nursing Facility or Respite Care, I will meet with deciding persons and the client to determine their needs, as well as their wants and expectations of the facility. I will then arrange tours of selected facilities and help choose the perfect option, coordinate the actual move, and then visit the client two to three times a week for the first month or two to help get them acclimated to their new home, staff, amenities and help them to make new friends. This service is at no cost to the client.

My company is also able to assist with personal finances. Even when we grow old and we arent able to do what we used to, daily life goes on. I am able to assist with paying your loved ones bills, balancing check books and accounts. Many family members that normally would handle this for their parents, grandparents, etc.; may not live close enough to feasibly handle these matters, or simply too busy in their own careers and lives to properly manage this. If your needs are not listed, please contact me.

If I am not able to fulfill those needs, I can likely refer you to someone that can.

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About Me

In my personal life, I have been the in-residence caregiver, in varying degrees, for my father and then my mother since 2001. After my father passed in 2001, my mother continued to reside with me. Over the years, my now 88-year-old mothers needs have become greater with each passing year. With her growing needs, my skills grew as well. It was always my plan, as sworn to my father and only brother on their deathbeds, I would always see that Mom was taken care of.

With each passing year, her health declined, however each ailment or illness she recovered from but with less quality of life than before. By the summer of 2021, her needs were great and was it difficult to leave her alone, as she was such a fall risk. Her last fall in July 2022, resulted in bi-lateral shattered femurs and a fractured tibia. In a flash it became clear that my role as an in-home caregiver were over, and I was promoted to a Care Navigator. After a lengthy surgery, multiple units of blood, nearly losing her in recovery and a very long night in ICU, my "Humpty Dumpty" began to stabilize. While at her bedside, I began to stumble through what our immediate future was to be. It was very clear that she would never be able to return home, nor likely to ever be able to stand of her own accord. I was at the brink of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion after years of caregiving with no respite and little sleep while she was hospitalized. In this state of total exhaustion, I began stumbling my way through the waves of insurance claims; finding the perfect long term care facility, that would accept her with all of her trauma. On top of the obvious I had the worry of if I would be able to save my home from Medicaid due to a poor decision and then spending down small financial accounts get her Medicaid eligible. My head was spinning. I couldn't hold a conversation without tears. I was so unsure of my decisions. All things that were very much, not me.

By sheer luck of the draw, Mom is now in an amazing facility and the staff treats her and I as family. I could never ask for any better care for her and she has resolved herself to the fact this was now "home". As the dust began to settle, and my exhaustion eased, I began to think about the past few years. I began thinking about all the elderly who had no family or loved ones to advocate for them. Who would help them with all the tedious details, red tape and mounds of paperwork often involved.

As I began finding time on my hands (what a strange concept) and a need to supplement my pension from my 30-year law enforcement related career, I began looking for a part-time job. It was at this time that my path crossed with Ms. Stella Nsong, who hired me nearly on the spot for a part-time position to be an Executive Assistant/Professional Friend for a sweet lady. Ms. Nsong also began talking about all of the business we were going to do together in the future. It became clear that my concerns for the people who had no one to advocate for them and help with all of the things I just did for my own mom, were very valid. In February 2022, Ms. Nsong as my mentor, I formed an LLC and have never looked back!