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Carol Lumsden Van Leeuwen

Carol Lumsden Van LeeuwenWelcome to Wellness & Aging Matters.
My name is Carol Lumsden Van Leeuwen.

I am the Chief Geriatric Wellness Officer at Wellness and Aging Matters.

My first love was exercise and fitness and then as a young girl, my eldest brother became ill, so suddenly my parents and my siblings had to learn how to become family caregivers.

My parents were professionals and business owners, so I saw firsthand what it means to provide care to a loved one, take care of career demands, and still manage to have a family and personal life.

After three plus decades of nursing, I found that I really enjoyed working with older adults, especially those who are motivated to remain young-hearted and active.

That love for fitness and wellness pulled me into wellness coaching with specialization in the care of people challenged with Parkinson's Disease.

I am a strong believer that you may have Parkinson's, but it does NOT have to have you.

In my experience, I also discovered that many older adults have a difficult time navigating our fragmented elderly healthcare system, especially those who do not have adult children or family members who are able to provide care and support.

I have combined my experience as a family caregiver, a nurse specialized in functional fitness for Parkinson's patients, a wellness coach and a good neighbor into an independent geriatric wellness practice called WELLNESS & AGING MATTERS LLC.

I personally welcome you and look forward to being of service to you and your loved one.

Who We Serve

At Wellness & Aging Matters, we work with families in the sandwich generation who do not want the stress of family caregiving but WANT to see their loved one thrive in the place they know by heart - their home, on their own terms regardless of any life limiting conditions.

Our clients are;

Services we provide

Our services are delivered through three departments: Transitional Care Coordination, Chronic Illness Management & Geriatric Wellness.

This is a service that helps family members find and explore information, recommendations, options, answers, and solutions when a loved one is going from one level of care or place of care to another. A daughter who lives out of state might use transitional care coordination when she needs to know if it is time for her 85-year-old mother to move to an assisted living facility or if she wants to know how to find the right doctor or the right service provider for her mother.

This is the service that helps the older adults who suffer from chronic health conditions learn how to manage chronic symptoms, stay home, stay as well as possible, thrive, stay out of the emergency room, and prevent unnecessary hospital readmissions. This service helps health care providers to organize, coordinate and deliver the best quality of care possible under the circumstances at hand.

This service helps older adults to strive and reach optimal wellness through medication compliance, adequate nutrition, hydration, sleep, mobility, exercise and laughter.

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Service Area

Claremont California, Upland California, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, and Orange County.

Contact Us

Wellness & Aging Matters LLC

Carol Lumsden Van Leeuwen

Toll Free:
(833) 245-1818

2209 E Baseline Road,
Suite 300-127
Claremont, CA 91711

Email: carol@wellnessandaging.com

What To Expect

If the time has come for you to decide where and how your loved one will receive dignified and life enhancing care, we are here to serve you. Our phone number is 833-245-1818. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year long. If you get our voice mail, your call will be returned within two business hours. Once we connect, you will share your situation and then we will discuss possible solutions. If you like what we tell you then we can begin working together right away. We have access to kind, compassionate, matured, experienced, fully vetted, insured, and bonded providers so we are at your service and ready to take your caregiving stress away.


#1. Conduct a level of care assessment to identify caregiving problems and to recommend caregiving solutions

#2. Provide crisis intervention in the home, at a hospital and at a care facility

#3. Screen, match and arrange for in-home help or other caregiving services including assistance in hiring qualified caregivers at home

#4. Function as a liaison for families who are far away and even those who are close by for overseeing, coordinating and responding to family members in the event of a caregiving problem

#5. Facilitating the relocation of an older adult to and from a private residence, retirement community, assisted living facility or a nursing home

#6. Provide advocacy and eldercare education to families and other care team members

#7. Provide medication management, patient education, symptom management and Parkinson's functional fitness and exercise sessions

#8. Review physician orders to offer referrals to all appropriate care specialists

#9. Provide review and assessments for long term care insurance and Medicaid spend down care plans

#10. Help family members keep SANE as they juggle their multiple roles and responsibilities.

Thank you for your interest. We are standing by ready to be of assistance to you.