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Aging Issues Planning Tools

Helping Two Generations Plan for Their Later Years

Aging Issues Planning Tools
Aging Issues Planning Tools

*Part of the NCPC's Premium Membership and Lead Program

Use our Online Assessment Questionnaires to produce Aging Issues and Planning Reports for your clients to help them prepare for retirement and their final years of life...

These powerful and effective online planning procedures use four different evaluation tools to produce leads and new business for a collaborative marketing group such as a local planning council or a local aging resources group.

These tools are designed to help aging seniors and their families prepare for their later years by planning for long term care, accessing government benefits, finding sources of funding, setting aside money for death benefits, preserving assets, and preparing for the possibility of Medicaid. Through this process, you will act as a problem-solver rather than a sales-person. The reports will provide specific guidance for your clients' and will naturally lead them to arrange for additional services from you and your group of like-minded professionals.

What does the Online Assessment Questionnaire look like? | Can I see a sample report?

What is included with the Aging Issues Planning Tools?

1. A free no obligation online aging assessment to produce leads through serving aging seniors. Participants filling out an assessment are assured that they will not be pressured to buy services or products (see a sample aging issues assessment). Your personal database automatically generates a professional looking report for anyone filling out this assessment. You go over this planning report with the person filling out the assessment (see sample aging issues report). This planning approach will produce far more new leads and new business for you and your marketing group than selling the products or services of your group directly. When someone fills out one of these assessments that person receives a confirmation that you will contact him or her (see confirmation). You also receive the following message in your email (see email message).

2. A free no obligation online retirement assessment to produce leads through serving younger seniors. This retirement assessment is used to help the children of aging seniors for whom you have done some planning achieve their goals for retirement (see sample retirement issues assessment). It works the same way as the aging assessment but with a different survey directed towards retirement. It produces a professional-looking report that leads to planning for this age group (see sample retirement issues report). The same confirmations and email message are generated with this tool as with the aging issues assessment.

3. A formal planning process called Life Resource Planning, typically used to produce new business from leads generated through conducting local educational workshops.

4. A formal planning process called Retirement Planning, typically used to produce new business from working with the children or caregivers of aging seniors.

5. Your own online database to store these evaluations as well as to automatically produce professional looking reports generated for individuals filling out an assessment or a survey. The system allows you to administer an unlimited number of these evaluation tools. These tools apply to different situations you may encounter with potential new customers or clients.

These tools are part of the NCPC's Premium Membership and Lead Program

As a premium member you will receive:

1. Both the Basic and Preferred membership benefits,

2. Creation and hosting of a unique aging resources website (see a sample) that will generate new leads for your group (called a Local Planning Council) or aging resources group,

3. Extensive website resources to include over 130 in-depth articles and videos on aging issues, one-stop shop services for aging seniors and unlimited use of the online assessments,

4. Aging Issues Planning Tools – Unlimited use of 4 different online evaluations to create leads and generate new business along with your own personal online database for these evaluations,

5. Instructions how to use the program and how to promote your collaborative marketing group; plus additional support material which includes sample promotional brochures and booklets, strategies to create new business, a complete educational workshop lead generation system with instructions, and

6. Ongoing support from the National Care Planning Council