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    Eldercare ArticlesThe NCPC publishes periodic articles under the title "Planning for Eldercare". Each article is written to help families recognize the need for long term care planning and to help implement that planning. All elderly people, regardless of current health, should have a long term care plan. Learn More...

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About Life Resource Planning

EldercareUnderstanding the natural progression of long-term care and the resources available to help can be an invaluable asset to a family or individual who has an immediate eldercare need or will someday in the future.

Long term care refers to a broad range of supportive medical, personal and social services for people who are aging or unable to provide for their own needs for an extended period of time. This need for eldercare may be caused by accident, illness, dementia, stroke, depression, age, or frailty.

The need for long term care will happen to 3 out of every 5 people. Unfortunately, there is a pervasive and appalling lack of planning for long term care in this country. Paying for this care can be devastating for those who are not prepared.

Family caregivers, as well, suffer from a lack of planning by their senior parents. Caregivers often suffer from overwhelming physical and emotional stress, caregiver burnout and all too often, long-lasting family disputes and disagreements. Some even end up paying large amounts of their own money for their parents care.

All elderly people, regardless of current health, should have a long term care plan in place. Dealing with the issues that surround long term care can be the greatest crisis an older person will ever face. With the need for care, the elder loses his or her grasp on the three most important lifestyle concerns in old age;

  • Remaining independent
  • Having enough money
  • Maintaining good health

Life Resource Planning

A Life Resource Plan will provide personalized advice and solutions for your financial, legal and care support needs by examining any number or all of the following:

  • Income
  • Assets
  • Health
  • Support
  • Shelter

The goal of the planning is to optimize your resources for your final years of life. Your plan will provide recommendations pertaining to any or all of the items outlined below that may be unique to your situation.

  • Identify Government Income and Care Support Programs
  • Protect and Preserve Assets
  • Facilitate Favorable Outcomes for Health, Medical Issues and Final Preparations
  • Maximize Family and Community Support
  • Find the Right Living Arrangements

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