Certified in Life Resource Planning
Life Resource Planning

A new concept to help aging seniors and their families cope with the challenges of old age.

Requirement for Society Membership

A New Society Member Signs an Agreement Containing the Following Elements

Rules Governing the Use of CLRP and Recognition by the Society

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The CLRP™ Designation (Certified in Life Resource Planning)

The Society for Life Resource Planning sponsors individuals who desire to earn the “Certified in Life Resource Planning” designation (CLRP™). By attaining this designation, the graduate will have the background knowledge necessary to successfully execute the Life Resource Planning Process on behalf of potential clients. Here are the requirements for this designation.

Requirements for the CLRP Designation

  1. Submission of our online application detailing work experience, special training, educational experience and disclosure of any complaints or legal actions
  2. Experience – at least four years full-time experience in a related field or a four-year degree from an accredited university or college or a combination of both such as 2 years of college and 2 years of experience
  3. Self-study training from a 549 page textbook in 3 volumes and 2 additional volumes containing 403 practice questions with and without answers
  4. A 75% or greater passing grade from a 100 question exam based on the textbook
  5. A one-time $350 fee for the application process, study materials and the testing process
  6. Signing a Terms of Use Agreement for the Designation and Society Membership
  7. Maintaining a monthly subscription to the Life Resource Planning Software System – $19/month for the development of an unlimited number of planning reports
  8. Maintaining membership in the Society for Life Resource Planning.

Application for the CLRP Designation and Membership

If you would like to further pursue the designation and membership please complete our application below or call us at (800) 989-8137. Thank you.

Your Age:


  Do you have at least 4 years of college education?
  Do you have at least 4 years in activities or a profession related to the CLRP?


  • Elder law or Estate planning
  • Home care services
  • Reverse mortgage
  • Care management
  • Financial advice or products for the elderly
  • Veterans benefits
  • Working in a care community or nursing home
  • Care community placement services
  • Any other activities or profession focused on
    helping aging seniors and their families
  Do you have a cumulative of college education and activities or a profession listed above that total at least 4 years combined?

Convictions / Suspensions / Judgments

  Have you ever been convicted or imprisoned for a crime?
If yes,
please explain
  Have you ever had a state or federal license revoked or suspended?
If yes,
please explain
  Do you have any judgments against you?
If yes,
please explain

Certification / Submit Application

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