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The 4 Steps of Long Term Care Planning

The 4 Steps of Long Term Care Planning

NCPC Members may purchase the 4 Steps of Long Term Care Planning book in the member section at our wholesale price of $13.95/book ( $5.00 discount)

162 pages

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Quantity or Bulk Orders are Available. Call us for pricing: 1 (800) 989-8137


Create your own coverCreate your own Cover for the 4 Steps Book:

Advertise yourself and your company by putting your name, logo and photo on the book cover. Special discount pricing makes this a great way to advertise your services and educate your clients on long term care.

$10.95 + shipping (100 book minimum)

For personal book cover specifications and payment arrangements please call
us: 1 (800) 989-8137

Use this Book to Benefit your Practice or Business

The 4 Steps of Long Term Care Planning book becomes a valuable marketing tool when presented to your clients, customers or potential clients by helping them focus on the necessary ingredients of a successful care plan and by causing them to take action to add those necessary ingredients.

  • Use the book to introduce why they should plan for elder care by reviewing the books Introduction, page 1 and Making a plan for your care, page 11.
  • Use the care planning survey on page 143 to fill out with them, pointing out items they need to do that your services provide. Leave the book with them to complete their plan.
  • Advertise yourself and what you do by putting your contact information in the book or pasting pages of coupons in the book that people can tear out and call you to receive a free book and an appointment.
  • Place these promotional books in the following locations: doctor’s offices hospital waiting rooms clinics pharmacy waiting areas senior centers employee break rooms any waiting area where families of elders or older people congregate.

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Our Statement of Purpose:

We Promote and Support Planning for Long Term Care

(1) To promote a public awareness of the need for long term care planning

(2) To provide materials to educate the public on how to plan for long term care

(3) To provide support to member eldercare experts who help the public plan for long term care

(4) To promote the services and expertise of our members

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