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Continuing Legal Education - 3 Hour Approved DVD & Online Video Course

Our Unique CLE Training

This 3 hour course (approved by the VA Office of General Counsel and various state bars) will meet your initial first year CLE requirements or any ongoing 3 hours of CLE on veterans benefits law and procedures required every two years (see 38 C.F.R. § 14.629).

If you truly desire to assist veterans with claims for benefits, you need our unique CLE training. As far as we can tell, every other CLE training course gives you the statutory requirements for eligibility for certain benefits, but they leave out the most important part of what you need: the essential steps of how to obtain information, what the regional office is looking for in terms of evidence and how to actually prepare a successful fully developed claim.

$169.00* | DVD & Online 3 Hr. Course & 2017 Book** | Read Reviews / Testimonials


* 1 course per user. We offer volume discounts for additional courses or firms may purchase additional course certificates without the book for a discount. Please contact us to discuss.

** If you have already purchased the book: How to Apply for Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits for Veterans and Their Survivors (2016 Edition), we will discount the purchase price of this CLE Course. Please call (800) 989-8137 to get this discount.

With our one-of-a-kind 576 page course handbook along with over 220 included forms and surveys, you will learn exactly what to do to file a successful claim from the beginning.  This is a valuable service for your veteran client that will usually result in a favorable decision within a few months.  Why not invest in something that will help your veteran clients immensely instead of taking the other courses that in some cases are free.  What good does free do you when you don't have the right tools to work with?

Do any of the other courses teach you the specifics on how to do the following?

  • how to file a hearing loss claim resulting in approval within months
  • how to successfully file claims for hazardous exposure, Agent Orange, secondary disability, PTSD and individual unemployability
  • how to successfully file for an increase in rating
  • how to get SMC schedule (l) or schedule (s) for veterans needing long term care or who are housebound
  • how to prove service connection for a DIC claim when the veteran was not on claim at death
  • how to get the various aid and attendance or housebound allowances with pension, DIC and disability compensation
  • how to successfully get an award for pension within a few months
  • how to deal with the recent increased scrutiny from the regional office for pension claims
  • how to deal with the recent increased scrutiny for those already receiving a pension award
  • and dozens of more issues dealing with new claims or existing awards

The video above, hosted and narrated by Thomas Day, explains why this CLE Course will be valuable to you. There is a lot packed into this training. Over 96 narrated slides provide a wealth of information on all veterans disability benefits and how to use the new fully developed claim process to apply. This experience alone is well worth your cost and your time devoted to this continuing education experience. However, the 3 hours of video training is only a small part of this course. The reference handbook you will receive, along with the claim support data disk and the supplemental information on representation and the charging of fees, is the equivalent of a college course on veterans disability benefits and the new fully developed claim process.

How This VA CLE Course Can Benefit Your Practice

We don’t know why some of you decided to become accredited. Perhaps you attended a seminar, perhaps you felt it was a way to enhance your practice, perhaps you are a veteran and you want to help other veterans or perhaps you intend to use your accreditation authority to help as many veterans as you can. There are probably many more reasons out there. If your intent was to use it to expand your practice or to enhance your knowledge to help existing or new clients, this was the right training course for you. The video below, also hosted and narrated by Thomas Day, will explain how this CLE Course will benefit your practice.

Objectives of the VA CLE Course

This course is based around the new fully developed claim process from the Department of Veterans Affairs which covers all disability benefits except Parent's DIC. If you do not understand fully developed claims, you are doing a huge disservice to your clients. Fully developed claims result in timely decisions that are usually favorable. The standard claim process usually results in decisions that take months and even years and are often unfavorable.

We have created this course with the intent of helping you:

  • Participate in three hours of VA CLE required training to acquire an overview of the background and knowledge necessary to assist veterans with any claim for disability benefits
  • Receive comprehensive instruction as part of this Department of Veterans Affairs approved CLE course from a 414 page textbook/reference manual along with a claim support data disk – a CD – containing over 240 different forms, surveys and physicians reports necessary for all types of veterans claims
  • learn the new Fully Developed Claim (FDC) Program that VA has recently implemented for disability applications for Pension, Disability Compensation and DIC. The textbook you receive with this course is your handbook for just about every type of disability claim you will ever encounter – about 30 of them – and the 19-step procedure for completing a Fully Developed Claim (FDC) application for each of these 30 types of claims
  • Understand how to obtain over 16 different aid and attendance or housebound allowances with pension, death pension, disability compensation, SMC and DIC for disabled veterans or spouses needing long-term care.
  • Understand legal methods to use your new knowledge to make income from assisting veterans, or to get in front of more senior clients to offer your services or to enhance your ability to help existing clients.
  • Understand the accreditation authority granted by VA to representatives of service organizations, agents, and attorneys to assist claimants in the preparation, presentation, and prosecution of claims for VA benefits.
  • Understand that you have an obligation to assist veterans
  • Understand that most accredited agents and accredited attorneys lack the knowledge to assist veterans properly

A Fully Developed Claim (FDC) is significantly more challenging than the standard claim track, but if followed correctly, the FDC track results in regional office decisions within a few months instead of years. And unlike standard track claim decisions, FDC decisions are often favorable. Using this new procedure, the need for appeals is reduced considerably. For example, using an FDC application, Thomas Day was awarded Disability Compensation monthly income in only 3 months. He is a veteran of the Vietnam War Era. Thomas is also severely disabled in his ability to walk and to use his hands and is grateful to the VA healthcare system for saving his life.

Samples of each Module in this CLE Course

Below are actual video clips taken from 5 of the 6 modules included in this CLE Course. Please take a moment to review each one.


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