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Continuing Legal Education - 3 Hour Self-Study Video Course

If you cannot remember your renewal date or have a question, please call (800) 989-8137. We are not affiliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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Continuing Legal Education - 3 Hour Self-Study Video Course

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Description of Features Offered Our CLE Course Other Courses
Cost of our training to include features below $195.00 Up to $695
Pact Act, Nehmar, presumptives, pension (A&A) and appeals YES MAYBE
3 hours self-study from a Flash Drive or self-study online YES MAYBE
An indispensable 548 page textbook with appendix YES NO
A content-rich claim support flash drive (see details below) YES NO
Detailed information on how to legally charge fees YES NO
Turnkey process for renewal with the Department YES MAYBE
State bar CLE credits YES USUALLY
Opportunity to call or email with claims questions YES NO
Useful education instead of just information YES NO
140 detailed PDF slides for reviewing concepts YES USUALLY
Unique filing method for winning claims and appeals YES NO

Details of the Claim Support Flash Drive

This is an incredibly content-rich claim support flash drive that comes with the textbook. The flash drive contents are also available online and are updated on a regular basis with new forms and new instructions to keep you up-to-date. The flash drive contains the following: 184 different application forms, surveys and checklists for application or appeal for all benefits, current rate tables for all benefits, over 3,500 pages of adjudication manual M 21-1, 980 pages of pertinent excerpts from Title 38 CFR, instructions on charging fees, thousands of pages of reference material on all veterans benefits, and finally 5 detailed case studies to help you understand the new rules for claims and appeals.

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